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January 2016 budget


I didn't feel like I bought a lot in January, but I sure did, looking at it all now! Some of these purchases did happen in the last days of December, though, so maybe that's why it feels so long ago. I didn't pay for all of my buys (thanks to my family making it rain Target gift cards at Christmas haha!), but still--I feel kind of guilty. I don't usually feel bad about shopping unless I'm way over budget, so I wonder what's going on... Maybe recognizing that I really don't need all of the things that I bought is growth. In any case, here are my post-December-budget-post purchases! (Say that 5x fast!)


*This is my first post using affiliate links, so I just wanted to be clear that I get a few pennies if you click on any of the Shopstyle links below!*

  1. Merona Striped Double Zip Around Wallet (Target): $17 - gift card = $0
  2. MIA Jania boots (Nordstrom Rack): $69 on sale for $35 + gift card = $0
  3. Bobbi Brown Corrector (Macy's): $0 ($25 gift card!)
  4. Alex + Ani Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet (Nordstrom Rack): $38 on sale for $19 + gift card = $0
  5. Benefit Gimme Brow (Ulta): $24 (Trying to cover up the holes in my brows like a classy lady!)

Not pictured:

  1. Sterling silver studs (Macy's): $30 on sale for $15
  2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer (Macy's): $25
  3. Brilliant Love Heart Lip Care 3-Step System (Wishtrend): $17 but I paid $27, since I didn't want to spend $69 for free shipping. So I'm counting the shipping in my budget.
  4. 4 Zoya Pixie Dusts (Godiva, Stevie, Arlo, and Tomoko): $15 (Zoya's yearly just-pay-for-shipping promotion!)
  5. Citizens of Humanity jeans (Poshmark): $24 with shipping (the pants themselves were $21)
  6. Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm (Amazon): $12
  7. Lava Bead Bracelet (spa): $18 (You put essential oils on the lava bead, and it's sort of like a wearable aromatherapy diffuser!)
  8. Zoya Remove + (Ulta): $10 (I ran out a few months ago and couldn't live without it any longer!)
  9. Mossimo Jeggings (Target): $30 - 25% off = $22 - gift card = $0 I actually got a nice light grey/green color that I don't see online :(
  10. Mossimo Long-Sleeved Cardigan (Target) : $20 on sale for $14 - 20% off Cartwheel = $11 - gift card = $0

TOTAL: $170 RIGHT AT BUDGET wheeeee!

Favorite purchase: The studs aren't exciting (just tiny silver ones with cubic zirconia), but I've worn them every day since buying them, and they don't bother my sensitive ears so HOLLA.

Least Favorite Purchase: I guess the Alex + Ani bracelet, just because it gets caught in my coats and long-sleeved tops, which is a bummer considering how pretty it is. On the plus side, it shouldn't be annoying to wear once it's warmer! And in the meantime, I'm getting some pink in my bracelet stack with my new lava bead bracelet! :)


I should also note that I dabbled a little in transferring shopping money to a separate account this month, and oh boy was that a wake-up call! $40 felt like so much when I had to set it aside ahead of time, and not just blow it impulsively. Definitely something to keep in mind going forward.

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