To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: January 22


This week: OOF. So remember that doctor's appointment that I almost missed last week? Well, it was with my psychiatric NP, who suspects that my depression is back. HOORAY. So between general "meh"ness and some medication adjustments that left me dizzy and "shocky" (a technical term for SSRI withdrawal syndrome for sure), this week has been rather unsparkly. So a weird week gets a different type of H54F: a few highlights from my week, and a few YouTube videos that I always turn to (including this week!) to boost my mood! :)

  • On Saturday, when I felt particularly horrible and could only handle sitting or laying down, B, Pops, and I went to see Creed. Finally! I love a good sports movie, and then throw in the Rocky history and the Philly connection, and I was all in. Michael B. Beautiful sure didn't hurt either! :) I'd wanted to see it in South Philly but "King Prussia" would have to do. 
  • On Monday, I felt particularly out of sorts and antsy at work. I had the car, so I came up with the brilliant idea to get a facial! But apparently everyone had the same idea for MLK Day, so I had to "settle" for a massage instead. OMG IT WAS AMAZING. Just being in a room full of aromatherapy diffusers while wrapped up in warm blankets on a frigid day was wonderful and then a massage on top of that?! DAMN. And then, when I thought I was just going to pay and leave, I found that they had made me tea! What a nice treat! And I don't even like tea! During tea time, they had me pick from a deck of Angel cards to see what my message for the day was. As you can see below, it was the perfect one for someone who constantly beats herself up and pushes herself to do more more more. :)
Seriously. So cute.

Seriously. So cute.

How novel! :) 

How novel! :) 

  • Ok, now my go-to heartwarming YouTube clip: the meeting the Mother scene on HIMYM. It's so great: the song ("I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone"), the different paths finally overlapping, oh man. And I love the Mother, I think she's just cute as a button (and not only because she's wearing purple here). Did I sit in bed bawling over her fate after the finale? Yes, yes I did. But this scene holds such promise! Ah!
  • Another go-to video for me is Sadie and Mark's Super Mario freestyle on DWTS fall 2014. They were already my favorite pair that cycle, and then they pulled THIS out. I mean, come on now, it's just amazing (says this SNES video game junkie!). Honorable mention to their super cheery and cute "Birthday" dance and their epic nod to Duck Dynasty!
  • There are many Glee routines that make me smile, but this one is a go-to for sure. Meatloaf! Frenzied dancing! Finn as a leading man (RIP Cory)! Looks of begrudging acceptance from Whoopi Goldberg! It truly has it all.
  • And of course, no such list is complete without my favorite ridiculous Castle moment of all time. Thank god this episode is OnDemand at the moment because it definitely brightened my Tuesday (as you know if you follow me on IG: @jessie_face4!) :D

Cheers to the freakin' weekend, am I right?! And hopefully not too much snow... :-/ xoxo