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October 2016 Budget


I thought I didn't buy much this month, buuuut that's just because I bought most of these things in the first week of the month! Whoops! 

  1. Sketchers Go Step Sneaker (DSW): $60 on sale for $48
  2. LipSense Bombshell, Glossy Gloss, and Oops Remover starter kit: $53
  3. The Body Shop Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover (Amazon): $13
  4. Mossimo Jeggings (Target): $30 - $19 (gift card) = $11

TOTAL: $125


I put "black and/or grey sneakers" on my Fall/Winter Wish List, so I can now cross that off, woo hoo! I really like the streamlined look of these Sketchers, but they're kind of weird to walk in, like, they're very springy? But they are comfy and look reasonably cute with skinny jeans, so I'm happy!

I've only had the LipSense for a week, but I really like it so far! I very rarely wear lip color anymore, largely because I am lazy--I can't be bothered with touch-ups throughout the day or, like, having to use a mirror. The fact that I can put on my LipSense color (the very neutral "Bombshell") at 10 AM and then just reapply the clear gloss throughout the day (so no mirror needed!) makes it totally perfect for me! I honestly put on the clear gloss at 9:30 the other night, and my "Bombshell" from 10 AM still looked flawless! If you're interested in trying out LipSense, Becky at byBMG is a consultant! (I got mine from her.)

The Body Shop Eye Makeup Remover is just a boring necessity purchase. I usually swear by Make Up Forever Sens'Eyes, but it had begun to sting my eyes in recent months. I'd used The Body Shop Eye Makeup Remover awhile ago after a friend gave it to me, and I found myself longing for it again as my Sens'Eyes ran out this month. So... yeah. 😴

I'd been wanting a pair of ripped jeans for awhile, but it seemed like an impractical purchase for fall/winter. Like, wouldn't you get cold in ripped jeans because, hello, gaping holes in your pants? (I may be too practical for grunge fashion.) Enter these PATCHED jeggings from Target! The deconstructed look without the fear of hypothermia? EXCELLENT. Bonus that I finally returned the grey jeggings from this post, which gave me the gift card that I put toward the ripped-up jeggings! 💯

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