To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question



I always love reading about other people's "must-have" products, so I finally got my act together to write about a few of my own! Granted, they're not all "empties" in the picture, but I have repurchased all of them before. Also, I only started wearing eyeliner/mascara regularly three years ago (at age 26, mind you), so the fact that I love both so much now cracks me up! :)

Some of the following links are affiliate links, so I get a few pennies if you click on them! Just FYI!

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara : Being a pale redhead, I really like brown mascara, and Cover Girl is the only drugstore brand I've found that makes a legit brown (not black/brown). I've tried a few of different types by Cover Girl, but I always come back to the Lash Blast. I just really like the brush and how it separates your lashes, while giving them a little curl. 

Poshe Super Fast-Drying Top Coat : My friend Piper introduced me to Poshe a few years ago, back when I was barely painting my nails because I hated how quickly they would chip or get all smushy. OH MAN, has Poshe been a game-changer! I have no patience to wait for my nails to dry, and Poshe really does dry in minutes. Not to mention that it makes your nails look super-shiny and amazing. It was a disappointing day when they stopped selling it at Ulta, but you can still find it in a few random stores, and of course, on Amazon, along with everything ever!

EOS Ulta-Moisturizing Shave Cream : I have pretty sensitive skin, so shaving often irritates it. But this EOS stuff is fantastic for me and doesn't turn my legs into a literal hot (as in, burning) mess!

Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner : To be honest, I haven't tried many eyeliners, but I love how soft and easily smudgeable this one is. So I was like "hey, this works!" and never looked back, haha! Now, in eyeliner, I do like a black-brown, go figure.

Make Up Forever Sens'Eyes : The only eye makeup remover that doesn't bother my eyes!

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap in Lavender : I usually shower at night, so the lavender scent is perfect before bed. (I also really like Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap, but because it's so cooling, I only use it in the summer.) It may seem weird to just have the little travel bottle, since I like the product so much, but I get intimidated by the other size, which is roughly a ten-gallon drum! (If you've seen it, you know what I mean!)

Zoya Remove Plus : I tried to go back just regular drugstore nail polish remover recently, and I couldn't do it; after about a month, I broke down and bought the Zoya again! The top on it is awesome because it's so minimally messy, and it has a pretty unoffensive scent too. (To me, it just smells like a cleaner you'd use around the house, which is clutch since my dad hates the smell of nail polish and traditional nail polish remover! I used to paint my nails sitting next to an open window, like the stereotypical person smoking in secret!)


So, what are your faves? What beauty products do I need to try like yesterday?!