To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: February 12


TGIF! Apparently, TV put the sparkle into my week, haha. (Clearly, I didn't do much this week!)

  • The same like five songs always seem to pop up on my phone, so when "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk came on as I was driving, I was very pleasantly surprised! ...and I immediately thought of this amazing scene/dance routine from Castle!
  • My friend Kristin actually alerted me to this HEADLINE NEWS a week or two ago, but I really started missing GoT last weekend, hence doing some random GoT-related googling. And finding this article, which has the greatest title ever. I'm not a huge Jon Snow/Kit Harington fan, but by virtue of him dating my favorite character from the show, and how romantic it is for them to be together IRL, I'll be supportive ;) (You might recall that B and I went to my cousin's Halloween wedding as Jon Snow and Ygritte!)

Plus, while waiting for the bus last weekend, somebody drove by blasting some song about "these hoes ain't loyal" and the lightbulb totally lit!!



  • B and I had a lovely weekend of chilling. I usually get really anxious being away from home on the weekend, AND doing nothing, but neither bothered me this time! We watched some more Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, and I got quizzed on the US Presidents HAHA! (I used to be able to name them all in order... including the forgotten ones of the 19th century! I remember bragging about this to my high school US History teacher and him deadpanning, "You would remember them" LOL!)
My dad LOVES California, so we had to pause and capture this to send to him. His response was something like, "My man!" LOL

My dad LOVES California, so we had to pause and capture this to send to him. His response was something like, "My man!" LOL

  • Speaking of Supernatural, my dad saw part of an episode with me and remarked that Jensen Ackles looked familiar. All I knew was that he was on some soap at the same time that my beloved Lucky and Liz were chilling in a boxcar on General Hospital (<3 <3), so I looked him up on iMDB and discovered that he was in an episode of Sweet Valley High!!!! One of my favorite shows circa fifth grade!! This obviously required immediate investigation, and thank you fine people of YouTube for posting every awkward guest spot by every actor ever. I really could not stand Jensen when B first introduced me to Supernatural, but him being on SVH gets him A LOT of points with me, haha!

And then throw in Jared Padalecki's struggles with anxiety and depression, and dammit, now I want to watch more Supernatural! B's plan to get me into it has worked!

  • Ah Lucky and Liz! Such a formative couple in my young life! They were so darn cute and devoted and not teenagery, which was perfect for me being 12 going on 80 at the time! They were stalking blackmailers and rapists! Having an apartment (above a motorcycle shop, natch) at, like, 17! Running errands for the mob, er, coffee importers! Exchanging vows in a church in a blizzard! Livin.the.dream! (Soaps are so ridiculous and I love it.) So their adorableness is a fitting end to this pre-Valentine's Day H54F! :D (And Valentine's Day was such a huge part of their story too--Lucky stood Liz up for the Valentine's dance at school, and then she was raped, and they started to become friends, and then started dating, and then had the whole cry-your-eyes-out exchanging vows in a church on Valentine's Day thing the next year, ah! I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!!)

Yes, they are dancing to NSYNC. NSYNC! #dying And I love that this clip is as wibbly-wobbly as the VHS tapes I used to watch!

Have a great weekend!! (I'm so excited to be able to sleep in, anyone else?!)