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February 2016 Budget


YOU GUYS. I think I had a breakthrough this month. Or I lost my mind... either/or. 

I'm not sure why, but I suddenly didn't want to buy things this month. My usual cravings for retail therapy and wanting all the things just weren't there. I don't feel like I did much differently in February, but here's one thing that might have helped: at the end of January, I made a list of a few things I was interested in buying. Having that list to refer back to helped keep me away from a lot of impulse buys, which is usually where I get into trouble. I also didn't really feel like I needed more clothes in February... perhaps because I have like the same 5 tops on rotation, haha!

With all that said, I did still buy things this month, so let's get on to the fun stuff! :)

  1. Moda Luxe Zipper Flap Crossbody Bag (Target): $40 on sale for $30
  2. Purple Druzy Necklace (Etsy): $27
  3. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream (Amazon): $11
  4. Paige Denim (20% off $22 = $18) and Madewell (20% off $15 = $12) skinny jeans (Plato's Closet)
  5. C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm (Bath and Body Works): $8

Not pictured:

  1. Cynthia Rowley leggings (Plato's Closet): 20% off $12 = $10

TOTAL: $116

Instead of doing my usual favorite/least favorite reviews, I'm just going to ramble a bit! First off, here is the list I made back in January:


And I only wound up purchasing two items from that list, hurrah! I had been coveting the Target bag since the fall, but it was always out-of-stock in black. As soon as it was back and went on sale (like two weeks later), I pounced! And I had been obsessing over a druzy necklace for awhile, so I finally bit the bullet. I'm pretty happy with the one I picked--it's so sparkly and pretty! (And PURPLE!) Plus, the pendant isn't huge, and the seller's listing had included a picture of it with a penny for scale--super helpful in determining the proportions of a piece you're thinking of buying! (I don't love chunky jewelry.)

The Benton cream (actually all Benton products) are something I've been contemplating for MONTHS, back when I first got on my K-Beauty kick. Some people have tagged Benton's stuff as holy grail, while others apparently got contaminated batches that broke out their skin horribly. EEK. I haven't had any bad reactions, thank the lord, but the cream is sort of greasy on my skin... and I only use a very little bit, on the areas of my face that tend toward redness and breakouts. Sigh. But it's only been a week, so I do need to test it out more.

The jeans are AWESOME, I've been wearing them like every other day. I'm always on the hunt for high-end jeans at secondhand stores (ever since scoring my beloved pair of Citizens of Humanity skinnies at Buffalo Exchange), so I almost audibly gasped when I found both Paige Denim and Madewell pairs in my size! And I've been using the Night Balm almost every night and really like it, especially at that $8 price point! :)

What did you buy this month??

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