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April goals


For some reason, I had a really hard time coming up with goals for April (hence why there are only four, not five). Here are my, admittedly random, goals:

  1. Probably a good idea, unless I want the "cozy coupe" to be my future whip for real. ;)
  2. Both my go-to tall boots and booties are pretty much falling apart (the booties legit have holes in the sole nbd), AND I don't have a comfortable pair of flats :( So if I buy anything this month, it should be shoes! Feel free to give me suggestions for comfy boots, booties, or flats!
  3. Sleep is usually the first thing to get jettisoned when I'm busy--or lazy. (Like, in need of lazy time, since my current schedule only allows me maybe two hours of free time a night.) I used to be in bed around 10:30, but bedtime keeps getting pushed further and further back, and "OJ Night" definitely doesn't help! (Ugh, 10 PM start time.) Considering I have to get the bus to work at either 6:27 or 7:27, I really need to try to get to sleep before midnight in order to not be a total zombie!
  4. I have a couple of lovely prints that I need to get up on the wall! 


Ok, so how did March's goals go? Well, I misspelled "goal" as "gaol" as I was writing this part of the post, and it's fitting because one of my goals kind of felt like jail last month. Within a week of choosing my March goals, I stopped exposure therapy. I just felt really burned out (I guess having four therapists at once will do that to you!), and felt like I needed to get my primary therapy situation sorted out above all else. Giving up on exposure initially felt just like that: like giving up. Like I had done something wrong. I mean, this was one of my goals--how could I stop?! I felt totally locked into it--even though it wasn't working--largely because I had anointed it a goal. But! Even though I stopped exposure, I didn't abandon my goal of getting a car (which a lot of my initial exposure homework was working towards). I just work on it myself now, instead of spending time and money going to an additional therapist. The fact that I made a change and the world didn't end was a good lesson for me.

Let's see how the rest of March's goals went, shall we?

  1. Sort out therapy sitch: CHECK! I'm now seeing my EMDR therapist as my primary one because she specializes in EMDR but is also a "regular" therapist! (I don't know why that possibility didn't occur to me sooner!) I already enjoyed working with her and always got a lot out of our EMDR sessions, so I think this could work out well.
  2. Keep up exposure progress: CHECK, just not in the way I envisioned! (see above)
  3. Keep up with gratitude log: CHECK, as needed (or, more accurately, as remembered, lol)
  4. Pay extra on student loans: CHECK! And I think I've now come up with a system that will help me to remember to pay extra regularly too.
  5. Take it easy! Well, I'm not sure I did this, but at least I didn't have a fifth goal to tangle with! :)

What are you working on in April? 

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