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April 2016 Budget


No H54F post today because somehow, it's already the end of the month--which means it's Budget Post Time! *confetti horn emoji*

Thank goodness I picked up a few things in the second half of the month because, honestly, there was a time when I thought my only clothing or accessory purchase would be my new retainer! Sad. Paying for said retainer and my six-month check-up at the dentist (which included x-rays UGH) ate up most of my extra "fun" money in April. BUT! Normally, realizing that I have too many bills in a certain month to do much shopping does not stop me from shopping--I will just dip into my savings to accommodate retail therapy. BUT NOT THIS MONTH, BABY! I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to my financial goals and priorities. I also just haven't felt the need to buy things in an attempt to make myself happy, which is HUGE. I have no idea if this change will stick, but I'm am rolling with it for now, haha. On top of all of that great news, I also pretty much stuck to my (official and unofficial) shopping goals for the month, which were to find some new shoes and tees... meaning that I didn't just buy things that I don't actually need, all willy-nilly!

If I could high-five you all through the computer right now, I would, because that's how excited I am about these changes in my spending habits and my way of thinking of shopping!!

Now that we've got all that out of the way, let's see what I bought in April:

  1. Mossimo Supply Co. V-Neck Tee (Target): $9
  2. Keds Chillax Slip-On Sneaker (DSW): $40 on sale for $28
  3. Indigo Rd. Lagstee Flat (DSW): $30 on sale for $18

Not pictured (because I can't seem to find it on the Target website, rats!):

  1. Mossimo Supply Co. Drapey Striped Tee (Target): $15

TOTAL: $70 An all-time low! Hooray!!

Oh, and Cassie from The Minuteglass was kind enough to send me a bottle of Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil that she didn't plan to use, after seeing me rave about it in my March budget post. Thanks again, Cassie!


I probably could have waited for the Target tees to go on sale, but then I would have either wound up spending more money to get free shipping online, or I would have had to track them down again in store, after already having found and tried them on in store. So I just bit the bullet and got them the day I found them. At least they weren't total impulse buys since I was looking to get a few new tees! I absolutely love the color of Target tee #1, which is called "Lively Lilac." <3 It's so pretty and springy and (surprisingly) not a shade of purple that I already have in my closet! I've been noticing that I have a real lack of pretty tee shirts to just throw on with a cardigan (my usual work outfit), so this addition is perfect! And although Target tee #2 has a bit of a high-low hem situation (which I typically hate), the hem isn't too crazy AND it gives me another top to wear with leggings (which are all I ever want to wear anyway)!

My hope on the shoe front this month was to find some on-sale boots and booties, to replace two ancient pairs that I have now just about destroyed. As you can see above, that didn't pan out, but I do also need flats, so it wasn't a total loss! I usually hate Keds, they just never seem to fit me right, and I probably wouldn't have tried on the pair that I got, had I realized they were Keds right off the bat! But they are actually super comfy and a great fit--and perfect to just throw on with jeans or leggings. I've already worn them a bunch! I had sort of been looking for a replacement for this pair of adorable Old Navy pink floral slip-ons (RIP) that I had a few years ago, and these Keds definitely fill that void. 

I'm also excited to finally have a pair of those darn trendy lace-up flats that look so cute on everyone else! (And to have a pair of flats that I might not walk out of for once! Curse you, narrow feet!) I must say, though, that the pair I got, with all the grommets AND the laces, is pretty flashy for me! They make me feel slightly like an Irish dancer who went crazy in shop class, haha! So I'm really taking a walk on the wild side here. :)

So, what did you guys get this month? What budget revelations have you had lately?

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