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Confessions: Physical therapy and Beanie Babies

  • At my last podiatrist appointment in May, the doctor decided that he wanted me to start physical therapy. But he wouldn't say "physical therapy," rather, just "therapy," as in "Let's see where we can get you in for some therapy..." This probably isn't a source of confusion for most of his patients, but then again, most people don't have a roster of mental health professionals that they see regularly. Like, I was 99% sure he meant physical therapy, but I'd never heard it with the "physical" dropped before, and thus the seed of doubt was planted. So after the doctor said just "therapy" a few more times, I finally went, "Ok, you do mean PHYSICAL therapy, right? Because I already do the other kind, so that is covered!" Of course he meant physical therapy, but at least he got a chuckle out of it. "Yes, yes, physical therapy! Although I hope the other is going well for you too!" #ClearlyNotWellEnough #FacePalm
  • So per his instruction, I started physical therapy for my foot a few weeks ago, and one of my exercises is to pick up marbles with my toes. I wish I were kidding. People around me are doing full out stretches, and there I am, awkwardly trying to pick up marbles with my toes. #NothingToSeeHere
  • One of the cats I follow on Instagram (halp) looks exactly like the black and white Beanie Baby cat. Somehow, I couldn't for the life of me remember that one's name... but in the process of trying to remember, I was able to recall all the other Beanie Baby cats' names and colors! "Is it Flip? No, he's white. And Snip is Siamese... I'm pretty sure Nip was brown... DAMMIT IT'S ZIP! THAT'S THE BLACK AND WHITE ONE!!" #BeanieBabyCatLadyProbs
Battle of the Beanie Baby Bastards

Battle of the Beanie Baby Bastards

  • On my first city driving adventure with my car, somebody beeped at me for not capitalizing on a split second break in oncoming traffic to turn, and I literally yelled, "Who is driving this car?!?" at no one, because I'm 80. #I'llTurnThisCarRightAround
  • Speaking of driving, my recent car jams are a very eclectic lot, including but not limited to "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins (love a dramatic 80s ballad), "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO (again, halp), and "Call Me" by Blondie. As bizarre as they all are together, "Call Me" makes the least sense (believe it or not!) because my life motto is pretty much "DON'T call me." Ignoring phone calls is like my Olympic sport--in the car, the only phone-related button I know is the one that declines calls when you're connected via Bluetooth! Thank god "Call Me" is a pretty rocking tune--that helps me to forget that I'm encouraging a ringing phone in song form. #GoldMedalistInScreeningCalls

What wacky things have been going on in your lives these days? What everyday things do you avoid like the plague?

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