To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: June 3


After being off Monday and Tuesday, I really haven't known what day of the week it is until today! Thank god it's Friday! ;) Here's what put the sparkle into my wacky week:

  • I took Tuesday off to do something crazy... like buy a car!! I still can hardly believe it! Every time I say "my car," I do a double-take because it does not compute! Aaahhh! I hope to write a post about the whole car-buying saga once I have some more coherent thoughts about it--as opposed to just total stupefaction that I now have A CAR and can go WHEREVER I WANT at ANY TIME AT ALL!! That I don't have to check with my dad or consult a Septa schedule before I plan anything! Not to mention overcoming that slight issue of being, oh, TERRIFIED of driving! This shit is bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s)! I even recorded a little video of me trying to make sense of it all!
  • Memorial Day, however, was much less exciting because our roof leaked overnight, and we woke up to water in our kitchen and basement. Ugh. But! As Pops was out on the roof investigating, and I was leaning out the bathroom window talking to him, who comes trotting through our yard but a cat! (Well, what else would it be in our 'hood?) In fact, it was recently discovered neighborhood cat Brindle Pinky! (Because she has a pink collar like Calico Pinky, but a brindle coat, obv!) Brindle Pinky was sure to stop and stare at us like we were nuts (accurate) before continuing on her merry way. Definitely the only bright spot in the whole roof leak debacle!


  • I took advantage of the long weekend to finally get all caught up on GoT! If you too are caught up, then you might appreciate this hilarious video. (I legit lol'd.) 


  • I've always liked Allana Davison's beauty videos and tutorials, but I recently discovered her "Everyday May" vlogs, and I totally love them. She's just so funny and down-to-earth and enjoyable to watch, even while doing nothing particularly interesting! Plus, she's often sans make-up in these vlogs, and it's so endearing to me that she'll film herself all chill with her zits and redness showing. YouTube beauty gurus, they're just like you and me! :)
  • Appropriately enough, I've had The Cars in very heavy rotation lately, especially this song! It's so good!!

Well, I'm off to pinch myself again! Hope y'all have a great weekend! xo