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July 2016 Budget


I felt like I spent a ton of money this month, but apparently, that's because I dropped like $70 on the Athleta semi-annual sale, and then didn't keep any of the items I ordered. #winning

I also bought a few things to replace products I had used up (such as Make Up Forever Sens'Eyes and DevaCurl One Condition), and I'm unsure how to count them in my shopping budget. The goal of my budget is to track and limit higher-end and frivolous purchases. So if I used drugstore make-up remover or conditioner, I wouldn't even think to count them against my budget. And as they are two unexciting necessities, I'm annoyed that I have to spend money on them at all. My thought process when I realized I had used up all my make-up remover was literally NOOOO UGH NOW I HAVE TO GO TO SEPHORA AND SPEND MONEY ON THIS STUPID CRAP, as opposed to being all giddy at the prospect of getting a new fun thing. Because I already know I like these products, the thrill is gone. That's great in terms of taking the emotion out of shopping, but it's problematic for my budgeting style, since "exciting" (and usually impulsive) buys are the ones I originally set out to track.

It also feels like a cop-out not to count higher-end beauty products, since I would definitely include them if they were impulse buys. Arg. Maybe I need to break my budget down into categories, like impulse buys vs replacement items, and then include all of them in my monthly spending total. Hmm. It's a work in progress, so if you guys have any tips for further budget breakdown, let a sister know!

It's probably a sign of growth that I'm even thinking this way and counting MORE things against my budget, as opposed to finding loopholes so as to squeak under budget with a ton of purchases. I would be under budget this month whether I counted the replacement items or not, so woo hoo!

Anyway, here's the fun, the frivolous, and the annoying things I got this month:

  1. Aerie Real Soft Legging Tee (American Eagle): $25
  2. Gilligan & O'Malley Fluid Knit Pajama Legging (Target): $15

Replacement buys:

  1. DevaCurl One Condition (Ulta): $23
  2. Mini Make-Up Forever Sens'Eyes (Sephora): $12

Not pictured:

  1. Classic Cotton-Blend Legging (Forever 21): $4

Total: $79 (Not too shabby! Having a car payment definitely takes from my potential shopping money, and that's not a bad thing.)


I LOVE the Aerie top. (I mean, it's purple and long enough to wear with leggings, what's not to love? The tag on the inside even says, "Just add leggings." DON'T MIND IF I DO!) It's also super soft, just like the Gilligan & O'Malley leggings. I've worn them IRL and don't even care that they're really "pajamas" because they're so comfy and look as presentable as leggings can look. (And are perfect for physical therapy!) Speaking of comfy things, I was at American Eagle in the first place because I needed some new undies (TMI?), and their Seamless Boybriefs are super comfy and go great with leggings! (Someday, I'll wear real pants again... maybe...) If you're in the market for some new underpinnings, they might be worth checking out, I'm just sayin'... ;)

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