To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: August 12


Hooray Friday! Let's see what put the sparkle into this week:

  • I accomplished one of my August goals last weekend, as I figured out what I'm doing for my birthday: going to CHICAGO for a long weekend with one of my best gals, Timmi! I'm so excited! Timmi is one of those people who is just a bright shining light of awesomeness, so I expect a delightful weekend of flower-creeping, couch-melting, and donut-eating... and maybe some unexpected things like psychic readings too?


  • THE OLYMPICS! I actually forgot it was starting last weekend, but I love me some Olympics, so I have been totally on board. (I only wish I still had my '92 Barcelona and '94 Lillehammer Sega/SNES games to play!) If you haven't seen the swimmers' Carpool Karaoke (combining the Olympics with another thing I love!), that's a must-see, and then, of course, this heart-melting moment! (Oh, and just when you think Ryan Held couldn't get any cuter, per his Twitter bio, he's an "avid watcher of cat videos." !!)
  • On Tuesday, I got to catch up with two wonderful gals, Deena and Sasha! I was super stressed about driving to Philly from work (not to mention the parking, ugh bane of my life), but I was like, "As long as there's a cat at the end of this tunnel, I'll be ok!" haha! Look at this precious angel who apparently devoured her bag of treats while mommy was at work!
Such a sassy "bitch, please" pose!

Such a sassy "bitch, please" pose!

  • Pops showed me this video over the weekend. Surprisingly, with all his busking, he's never done "Kiss from a Rose" with Seal, but there's still time. ;) (Skip to 3:00 for all that. How freakin' cool.)



Have a wonderful weekend! xo