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September 2016 Budget


Whoa guys, I actually bought stuff this month! I went a little crazier than I should have, but at least some of it was bought with birthday gift cards! So let's see what I got in September... (Minus the Target jeggings from this post because I'm not positive that I'm keeping them yet.) 

  1. Merona Zip-Around Faux Leather Wallet (Target): $15 on sale for $7
  2. Merona Lace Trim Shell (Target): $18 - Cartwheel 25% off = $13 - gift card = $0
  3. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum sample (eBay): $10
  4. L.O.L. Vintage Mystical Diagram Graphic Burnout Swing Tank (Target): $13 - Cartwheel 25% off = $10 - gift card = $0
  5. Leggings with feather print (LuLaRoe): $25

Not pictured:

  1. Laneige Good Night Trial Kit (Target): $5
  2. Solid Leggings in plum and olive (LuLaRoe): 2 for $42
  3. Irma Top in black (LuLaRoe): $35
  4. Xhilaration Jeggings (Target): $16 on sale for $11
  5. C&S drapey tee (Plato's Closet): $6 - clothes trade-in = $0

Total: $135

Holy leggings, Batman! Ok, so the pair from Target were an emergency purchase when I was in Chicago because I only packed two pairs of leggings and wanted to wear leggings every day (#packingfail #knowthyself). But it's all good because the pair I found at the Chicago Loop Target were on sale and HAVE POCKETS!! 🎉 I also went a bit crazy attending my first-ever LuLaRoe party! That was the biggest blow to my budget. The whole idea with LuLaRoe is that everything is limited--only so many pieces are made in each pattern, and you can't buy it in any stores. (Like, I can't see something I like in-store, leave, and then just order it online two weeks later--which is actually exactly what happened with the Target Mystic Tank!) This is bad news for me because I already tend to be an impulsive shopper--I don't need any encouragement, ha! But I can wear leggings to work (thank you, lack of a dress code), so the LuLaRoe purchases are not entirely ridiculous! I love the LLR leggings but am not totally sold on the Irma yet... It's cute, but it's oversized, and I need to find a way to not look like I'm drowning in it. A good belt, maybe?

As for the skincare purchases, back in August, when I was trying to find a product to treat my facial redness, I had gotten a sample of the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum from Sephora. It retails for $79, so of course, I love it. (ACK.) I had gotten a few zits around the time I started using the Radiance Serum, and it's been doing a great job of fading the acne marks. I bought the larger sample size this month because the little plastic sample "pot" from Sephora had run out, and I want to test it out more before I commit to $79. (Why is there no other option available at Sephora at a lower price-point??) And the Laneige sample kit was a total whim at Target because I've been intrigued by the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask since my initial K Beauty obsession, but I could never commit to a full-size. Well, I've used the mask a few times, and I really like it! It smells great, and it doesn't make my skin super-greasy (huzzah!). In fact, I think it helps a little bit with my redness too! The kit also came with the Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask, which I've only used once. (I can only definitively say that it smells delicious!)

Oh, and apparently, I need a new Target wallet, because it's been a few months, ha! (Totally normal behavior, right?) I love the Double Zip-Around One that I bought in January, but it's huge and had begun to take up all the room in my everyday purse (and we can't have that). Enter a new, somewhat-smaller model for $7! (I'm now remembering that I just bought a Target wallet last month, but that one is tiny, and I got it specifically for smaller bags. Apparently, I need small, medium, and large wallet options, because I'm insane!) 

What did you guys buy this month? 

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