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September goals


My goals don't usually have a backstory, but this month they do, so buckle up! :)

While I was in Chicago, doing all kinds of things that I don't normally do, I noticed that the anxiety that usually runs in the background of my life was way down. I'm usually pretty reluctant to travel, but every time I get back from a trip, I marvel at how FUN and rejuvenating that break was... and then I get right back into my routine and usual worries. Bleh. I love my routine, but because so much of it is practically automatic, my anxiety has free rein to run wild on its proverbial hamster wheel. So I want to continue to do "out of the ordinary" things now that I'm home, to see if that alleviates my anxiety.

Great idea, right? Well, yes... except that my anxiety is excellent at coming up with reasons why I shouldn't leave the house, and especially balks at unfamiliar situations. So, what if I researched in advance the local places (gardens, museums, etc.) that seem interesting to visit? Maybe then, they wouldn't feel as daunting, thus giving me a better chance of silencing my anxiety and getting out the door.

So two of this month's goals revolve around this "Choose Your Own Adventure" list of activities that I'd like to mix in to my life!


1. Do the research for the Choose Your Own Adventure list (such as finding out places' locations, hours, admission fees, and distance from my house).

2. Do two things from the Choose Your Own Adventure list. (Eek! I'm really curious to see if this sort of planning helps to get me out the door. And how doing new things does or doesn't reduce my anxiety.)

3. Update info pages on the blog. (Totally unrelated to the first two goals, but I've barely given these sections a thought since 2014... whoops!)


Now, how did August's goals go?

1. Come up with birthday plans: CHECK! As you might know by now, I visited my friend Timmi in Chicago and had a BLAST! :D 

2. Daily outfit pics: CHECK! You can read about "Outfit Documentation August" here, here, and here! The last installment is going up on Wednesday.

3. AM and PM routines: Sort of check... Aspects of both got better but are still not ideal. I started waking up a little earlier on weekdays, so as to not have to rush out of bed, but then I just lay in bed playing on my phone, which is not great either. And I'm still going to bed too late. I might revisit these routines as goals in another month and hope to come at them then with renewed interest, instead of the "ugh" sentiment I'm currently feeling! 

What are you working on this September?

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