To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: February 3


Was this a weird week for anyone else? Is Mercury in retrograde or something?! (Spoiler: NO.) I've just felt... strange all week, and I don't know what's bugging me. Sigh. Anyway, since emotional stability didn't bring the sparkle this week, here's what did:

  • Awesome mermaid nails added some literal sparkle! I hardly ever use this color (Zoya Charla), but it's sooo pretty!
  • You guys, I'm definitely a pod person now because this week's meal prep involved quinoa. QUINOA! Who am I, an adult?! I used this recipe again, just with quinoa, and it turned out delicious (because all you can taste is the pesto! Wait, does quinoa have a taste? I don't even know.). And I didn't cut myself with the food processor this time! 💯


  • On Saturday, Pops and I watched the NHL Skills Competition, which basically transported me back to senior year of college (2009), when I took the GRE in the morning (ack), and then my bffl and I went to my dad's house, and the three of us watched the Skills Competition together 👨‍👧‍👧. My hockey fandom has been sadly lacking the last few years, so watching the Skills Competition reminded me of the good ol' days with friends that feel like family. 💖
Oddly enough, Jeff Carter was last an All-Star in 2009! But with the Flyers, of course.

Oddly enough, Jeff Carter was last an All-Star in 2009! But with the Flyers, of course.

  • For some reason, I legitimately did not want to go to work on Monday. Work is never something that feels optional to me, not to mention that I love routine, so this was real weird. But then, right before I was about to drag myself out the door, my boss called to tell me to work from home because the heater was broken!! I practically did cartwheels! 🎉🎉🎉  (Apparently, leaving the house was the real problem, ha!) And then, I got sent home on Tuesday because the "fixed" heater broke again! Pops had this hilarious take on the situation:
Well-played, Pops. 👏 

Well-played, Pops. 👏 

  • This week, I started (and got 100+ pages into!) Scrappy Little Nobody, my Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange gift from Bri! I don't exactly love it, yet I'm strangely drawn to it and enjoy it. Yeah. Pretty characteristic of this weird week!

Here's hoping for a good weekend! xo