To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: October 27


Let's see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • As I turned onto our street on Sunday night, I spotted a pair of white paws disappearing into our neighbor's bushes!! I immediately parked and ran to investigate! Unfortunately, though, it was Cinny aka Tina, who never wants anything to do with me. Womp. Carry on, wayward cat. :( But I did get to see her speed-waddle away, which is always adorable.


  • Then on Tuesday, I caught this gal sauntering through our yard!! Brindle Pinky aka Rosalita is also scared of me, so I didn't even bother to get out of my car and smother her with affection, but regardless, it's always fun to see a cat!
  • If I miraculously manage to get out the door before 10 AM, I love listening to "Connect 3" on the classic rock station, where they play three songs and you have to figure out what they have in common. I'm always really proud of myself when I get it right, but I was ESPECIALLY proud on Monday because no one got it right, including the girl whose answer they accepted! (It's like they just admitted defeat, haha.) The three songs were "Sister Christian," "Roxanne," and "I Shot the Sheriff," and the theme was law enforcement. (Do you know why??)


  • Despite my love of classic rock, I've never liked "Free Bird." But I heard it on the radio last Friday morning and really enjoyed it. And then it was stuck in my head for the next two days. My therapist and I had just been talking about how I tend to hold myself hostage, so the line "Won't you fly high, free bird?" really stuck out to me in a poignant way. (I might have teared up while listening to it on my drive to Reading Saturday! #halp) It was also fitting because I drew "Signs" as my Angel card for October, and the little blurb about that card specifically mentions hearing particular songs!
  •  Lastly, Pops and I have Dodgers fever! Well, mainly Pops--he is all about that SoCal life. And he genuinely likes baseball, whereas it's too much of a snooze for me until the playoffs. But I actually know the Dodgers' entire lineup! 😮 Of course, that lineup includes longtime Phillie Chase Utley, who I like a lot more on a different team, strangely enough. (I'm never one to like "star" players.) The fact that he used "Silver Fox" as his nickname for MLB Players' Weekend (when we happened to be in CA and went to a Dodgers game) was 💯. Also 💯 is Kiké Hernandez's banana hoodie (oh and his ridonkulous 7 RBI game against Chicago!).

I love that there's hardly any comment on his get-up, haha. It's just nbd. 

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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