To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

November 2017 Budget


Well, I did not repeat October's no-spend success!



  1. Rib Drape Collar Cardigan (Primark): $14 - gift card = $0
  2. Balm Dot Com in Cherry (Glossier): $12 - $3 (20% off your purchase Black Friday sale) = $9
  3. Generation G lipstick in Like (Glossier): $18 - $3 (20% off your purchase Black Friday sale) = $15
  4. DevaCurl One Condition (Ulta): $22 - Ultamate rewards = $19

Not pictured:

  1. Super Stretch Skinny Jeans (Primark): $15
  2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer mini (Sephora): $13
  3. Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream (Target): $24 - gift card = $0
  4. Lanolips Tinted Balm in Perfect Nude (Ulta): $14
  5. Stitch Interest sweater (Primark): $11 - gift card = $6

TOTAL: $91

Gifted: Senegence Dark Circle Eye Treatment

I didn’t feel like I went too crazy in November (only two impulse buys!), so the total snuck up on me. Curiously, I bought all but one of these nine things in the last two weeks... after I had to stop taking the medication I’d started in October. Hmm... I guess I now know how much it was helping to keep my spending in check!

Onto the purchases! Because I want to wear the pair of Primark Super Stretch Skinny Jeans that I bought in August every day, I decided to pick up a second pair! They are so soft and stretchy--almost as good as wearing leggings, which is basically the dream.

In a similar vein, the DevaCurl One Condition and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer were repurchases of things I had run out of.

I had been wanting to try the Glossier lip products for awhile (I already have and love the Balm Dot Com in Original), and I couldn’t help myself once they had their Black Friday 20% off your purchase + free shipping sale. (Literally the only Black Friday sale I took advantage of!) But it just arrived Monday (HOW did it get here so fast?!), so I don't have much feedback on them yet. The cherry is very red in the tube but subtle on the lips, like you’ve just had a cherry Tootsie Pop ala Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea. (Who knew she was my makeup inspo?) And despite being matte, the Generation G lipstick is not wildly dry-feeling and annoying! And the color is very buildable, which is perfect when you're a nude lip addict like myself. 💁🏼‍♀️

The two total impulse purchases were the Lanolips and the Egyptian Magic. I got the Lanolips before I sprung for the Glossier goods, so I might end up returning it. And the Egyptian Magic was something I'd heard good things about and happened to stumble upon while my face was feeling painfully dry and tight last week. The day after I first used it, my face already felt much better, so I'm impressed thus far!

Lastly, Becky was kind enough to gift me a tester of the Senegence Dark Circle Eye Treatment to try out for her VIP group! I've never gotten anything remotely "gifted" or "c/o" before, so I feel like a very legit blogger right now! 💪😂