To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: November 17


First of all, I'm so sorry that I haven't been responding to comments as quickly(...ish 😂) as I normally do. I'm hoping to catch up this weekend!  

And now, on with the sparkle!

  • On Saturday night, Pops and I saw Bob Dylan. Now, I love classic rock. But I've never gotten the Dylan appeal, and I know that’s sacrilegious. I do like a few weird songs of his (all post-motorcycle accident, curiously enough--"Lay Lady Lay," anyone? "The Man in Me"?), but not the ones that everyone is gaga over. Well, Pops really wanted to see him live and convinced me to go on the "This is a chance to see musical history and he might be dead soon!" ticket. And it was the weirdest show I've ever been to. BUT his opening act was MAVIS STAPLES! And that I was pumped about! I love "I'll Take You There," and the fact that the Staples Singers are in The Last Waltz, and that her father was also known as "Pops"! (Sadly, my Pops's first name is not Roebuck.) And she was a delight! She had everyone up dancing and singing along. I checked out her wiki after the show and apparently, she once turned down Bob's hand in marriage, which makes me love her even more!
  • Hall and Oates being on the wall at the Tower also made me happy.
  • On Sunday morning, I had to go to Reading, and I was miraculously not running behind, but then I saw a cat, so you know it was all downhill from there. At first, I thought it was the triumphant return of Calico Pinky, but I became skeptical once I realized she was missing her namesake pink collar. (Unless she chewed it off and ran for freedom!) I spotted this Faux Pinky from our second-floor window, which is a good thing, considering the amount of shrieking that ensued!


  • On the topic of cats, I saw this on IG this week and was like, "Yep, that would be ideal for me!” #FutureMotherOfTheYear

Coco wanted to send everyone a Monday smile!

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  • Lastly, I ordered my Christmas cards this week, hooray!! They should be here in time for Thanksgiving, so I can carry on my write-out-Christmas-cards-on-Thanksgiving tradition!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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