To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: December 29


Let's see what put the sparkle into the last week of 2017:

  • Christmas in our house (or, rather, the lead up to Christmas) was a bit of a disaster. The Internet/cable was out for four days, and when we finally got the Christmas tree up (on the 23rd shhh), the tree stand promptly started leaking because it was cracked. HOORAY. But we duct taped the stand, and the Internet/cable was restored on Christmas Eve, so it all came together in the nick of time!
Looks totally normal! 💯

Looks totally normal! 💯

  • I got my hair cut on Saturday, which was so nice! In addition to loving the style, I had a grand ol' time reading about Meghan Markle and all the other people in People and US Weekly while under the hair dryer. #treatyoself


  • Sweet cards from Mica, Tif, and Lisa arrived just before Christmas! Blogger friends are the best! 💖
  • I've noticed that when I'm out of my routine (I’ve been off all week), I tend to immerse myself in some beloved TV show. This week, it's been General Hospital, but GH circa 1998 because who doesn't watch 20 year old soap operas? I think I love Lucky and Liz so much because, in addition to being so damn cute as a couple, Liz was a teenager coping with trauma, which is something I hadn’t seen on TV before (back when I was 12). She would talk about dissociating and being scared of other people and leaving the house, and I was like, "GIRL. You just get me." ❤️

But full disclosure, I also love how ridiculous soap operas are. Like, sure, Jason got shot in a mob ambush, and Liz (then a college freshman) harbored him in her art studio. Totally normal. 


  • On a related note, I also learned this week that I shouldn't be allowed on eBay when I haven't had access to the Internet or cable in three days. 😂😂

Hope you have a great weekend and a very happy New Year!

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