To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: January 5


I've been feeling more punch than sparkle this week. Although it wasn't what I had in mind when I named this blog, "sparkle" and "punch" pretty nicely sum up two sides of my personality: the one that wants to be happy and bubbly and grow and get better annnd the dark and twisty feisty one that wants to fight everyone on everything. That side has been coming out more and more lately. New Year's and resolutions and change really bring out the best in me! 😂

Even though I'm not feeling so sparkly, I didn't want to give up this space because I am always able to find five things that made me happy in the past week. At the same time, though, I didn't want to pretend that I'm all sparkle right now because I ain’t. 

Exit pursued by a bear

  • I watched a lot of Mom while I was home last week, and there's this great moment when Jaime Pressly’s character goes back to this gorgeous, sprawling rehab facility and groans, "OH GOD. BACK TO HELL!" Which promptly became Pops and my new favorite saying for any situation, haha!


  • I ventured out to Kohl's last Saturday to return a blouse, but I conveniently also had a gift card! Which was good because I wanted basically everything in the Lauren Conrad jewelry section! Her stuff is always so cute, gah. I especially fell in love with this dainty little midi ring, even though I haven't quite figured out how to wear it. Like, can I pull off a pinky ring? (The midi ring trend just makes me so nervous that the ring will slip off, and I won't even notice. Why am I too practical for fashion?)
Put your pinky rings up to the moon?

Put your pinky rings up to the moon?

  • Timmi did a tarot reading for me on Tuesday! I chose this "Bridge" reading so as to keep pretending that the New Year hasn't happened. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, even though every card was like "TRUST YOUR INTUITION" aka the opposite of what I ever want to do, and the fact that I am definitely living my best Four of Cups life right now. (Petulantly ignoring what's right in front of you? Isolating? Sounds about right! The Four of Cups is apparently all of my favorite negative coping skills wrapped up in one, haha.)
  • I was able to actually sit down and do some creative writing this past week, which makes me so happy. I didn't even realize how happy it made me until I started babbling excitedly about it in therapy!


  • Last night, Pops and I braved the bomb cyclone to see the DWTS tour! (Tickets had been one of my Christmas presents.) We had never been before, and it was so good! My new goal in life is to become a bad-ass dancer like Sharna. 


Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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