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That is the question

High Five for Friday: January 12


This has been such a wacky week. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at the chaos though, right? What else can you do!

  • Before I get into all that, one legitimately positive thing that happened was teaching my first mini yoga class on Sunday! As freaked out as I was beforehand, it felt surprisingly intuitive and was very fulfilling! ❤️


  • I had to head up to YTT on Friday night, and about 15 minutes into my drive, the tire pressure light came on. I'm still easily spooked driving and didn't remember what that light meant, so I shrieked about it a bit, as you do. And then, later in the drive, my defroster began losing the fight against the bomb cyclone, so my car basically looked like this:
  • When I was leaving for therapy on Tuesday, I discovered that our walkway was basically a sheet of ice. Oh goody! 

My attempt to navigate it drew an audience of the two little boys next door, who were so excited about watching me flail that they accidentally opened the door, and their dog came sprinting outside. (Now we have the answer to that age-old question "Who let the dogs out?") He was scampering around and skidding on the ice and having a much better time than me until our poor neighbor came out and corralled him.


  • Not surprisingly, I wound up being a few minutes late to therapy, so I just rushed inside with my sunglasses on, thinking I had my real glasses in my bag. NOPE. 👏
  • On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment and scans, and one of the computer systems was down, which meant that my doctor couldn't actually look at my scans. (Although she wasn't worried by the report from radiology so WOO HOO!) Then on Thursday, when Pops and I went to put air in my tires (because I'm still a rube with everything other than putting gas in my car), we had to go to FOUR different gas stations before finding one where the air thingy wasn't out of order. IS IT ME?! 

OY! 😂 Here's hoping for a less bonkers weekend! Hope you guys have a great one! xo

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