To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: March 3


Let's see what super random things put the sparkle into this week:

  • Back when I first started driving, I would only listen to the songs on my phone because skipping between radio stations felt too distracting. (Mind you, turning on the heat and AC also felt too distracting.) But I've progressed and am now sick of the same old songs on my phone, so I've been listening to the radio more while driving. Last Friday, one particularly good block of music on the classic rock station (three Billy Joel songs, then "La Grange," "Lights," and "Rock You Like a Hurricane") got me almost all the way to work. 😎  It was a great start to a warm, sunny Friday!


  • Emboldened by my trip to the yoga studio last week, I decided to venture out to the Ulta near work for an overdue eyebrow wax. Driving to new places still really stresses me out, but I'm always very proud of myself (and relieved!) once I get there! 


  • How about that insanity at the Oscars, huh? I'd sat through the whole show with Pops (😴), and those last five minutes finally made it worth my while! My friend sent me this gem afterwards:


  • Does anyone else get excited about finding a good pen? This isn't even a fancy pen--just a black ink ballpoint by a random brand that happened to be on sale at CVS. But it's inky and bold and writes really smoothly, which is🎉🎉🎉. 
  • Let's bookend this post with a little more classic rock! I've never been that into Pink Floyd (like, I only learned who Pink and Floyd were last summer whoops), but I've always liked "Comfortably Numb" and rediscovered it last week when the classic rock station was playing The Wall. Those solos! That orchestral arrangement! Those creepy-ass vocals! What's not to love? 😂


Hope you have a great weekend! xo