To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: March 24


The past week has been super wacky, and in finding the sparkle in that, this post became like Confessions meets High Five for Friday:

  • The "Weird-Ass Song of the Week" this week has been "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter. Which is actually a GREAT song, but kind of weird to be playing on your phone sans headphones at work when your co-worker suddenly strolls into the office. And naturally, in trying to turn it off, I fumbled with my phone as if I'd never held one before in my life.
This guy is more coordinated than I was.

This guy is more coordinated than I was.

  • While getting ready for work on Tuesday, I heard a MEOWING CAT outside my window! It seriously sounded like a siren in our backyard, but somehow, Pops never heard it (it would stop on cue every time I called him, grrr). Of course, I rushed out into the yard to look for my new best friend, but no luck. Pops was basically like, "Uh huh, an imaginary cat, suuuure." 😭
  • Later that day, Pops took over as Dr. Doolittle when he found a visibly injured bird on our back porch. The local wildlife refuge told him to put the bird in a shoebox and bring it in. Easy enough, right? Welp, it turns out that being on death's door did not impact the bird's ability to fly--which meant that Pops had to chase him through three yards in order to catch him. Just a normal day... that ended with Pops meeting several goats at the animal refuge.
  • Pops got his car inspected last week, which prompted me to go, "Hmm, I wonder when those stickers on my windshield expire..." YEAH, about that... 😱😱😱  I knew my registration was up in April, but it never dawned on me that my inspection and registration stickers could expire at different times. #FirstTimeCarOwnerProbs #rube I made this discovery on Monday, but the first appointment I could get for an inspection was on Wednesday morning, so I fretted about driving to work on Tuesday (ignorance truly was bliss!). Pops was like "Pssht, what's another day at this point?" so I did drive in on Tuesday... and this is NO JOKE the first song I heard when I turned on the radio: 

And on my way home, a bunch of police cars were camped out with a tow truck right where I get off the highway! EEP. THE JIG IS UP! But thank the lord, I did not get stopped, and now, I have legit stickers once again WHEW. 

  • On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment in Center City, but apparently, Ellen (like, THE Ellen) was also in Center City (via satellite) taping some segment. All that hoopla was close enough to my doctor's office that our v serious conversation was periodically punctuated by wild cheering nbd.
"So how's your anxiety?" "YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!"

"So how's your anxiety?" "YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!"

  • My drives to and from Philly are generally like an obstacle course and make me feel like I'm living in Paperboy-land. In the past, I've even had a girl carrying a gigantic teddy bear walk out in front of me. And on Wednesday, just when I'd finally gotten around a car blocking my lane, there were two guys carrying dry wall across the street. Because, of course.

I just realized that's six things. OH WELL! Has anyone else had wacky week? Here's to a wonderful weekend! xo