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That is the question

March 2017 Budget


Once again, I wanted to buy everything in sight this month! So although March's total is higher than some recent months, I'm shocked it's not worse!

(Because some of these online purchases included tax and/or shipping, I included that in the totals below.)

  1. Vera Bradley All-in-One Crossbody in Bohemian Blooms (eBay): $31
  2. LipSense Lip Color in First Love: $27
  3. Amethyst heart necklace: $15
  4. LuLaRoe leggings: $29

TOTAL: $102

It's been a few months, so it's time for me to get a new wallet, right? 😂  With my old wallet, I realized that I would like it more if it had crossbody and wristlet straps AND space for my iPhone, and thus began to wonder if such a wallet exists. OF COURSE IT DOES--leave it to Vera Bradley! However, the All-in-One Crossbody retails for $54 (at least!), which is too much for even an insane wallet buyer like me. But on eBay for $27 (and in a purply floral pattern)?! SOLD. I've been loving how convenient it is when I don't want to lug around a full-on purse.

I seriously wear the LipSense I got last fall all.the.time (because I love that I only have to apply the color once to get it to last all day--I'm all about lazy girl make-up!), so I finally pulled the trigger on another color... which is of course another nude because I am super boring! But First Love seems a bit darker and more matte than the shimmery Bombshell, and if I wear them together, a coat of First Love can really take down the frosty shimmer in Bombshell. If you're interested in trying out LipSense, I get mine from the lovely Becky at ByBMG!

I fell in love with the unique beauty of this amethyst as soon as I saw it at the yoga studio last week. Bonus that it makes for a nice, wearable worry stone!

And I pounced on the black and grey LuLaRoe leggings so that I would actually have a pair in a toned-down-ish color/pattern! (Certainly the opposite of the hot pink heart-covered ones I got last month!)

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