To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: March 31


Well, this week just flew by! Let's see what put the sparkle into it:

  • On Saturday morning, I went to a yoga workshop at the studio I've been going to lately, and I had a great time! The teachers there are SO nice. And I surprised myself with how chatty and friendly I was able to be (since anxiety usually gets my tongue!). 
The yoga studio also has a cafe, and the smoothies are pretty bangin'.

The yoga studio also has a cafe, and the smoothies are pretty bangin'.

  • I haven't watched General Hospital in ages, but because I adored Liz and Lucky (but only Jonathan Jackson... why do I still have strong feelings about this?!) when I was younger, every so often, I'll start cycling through old clips of them. Who needs Netflix when you have 20 year old soap opera clips and a new Smart TV?!
My 12-year-old self was totally in love with Lucky. 😍

My 12-year-old self was totally in love with Lucky. 😍

So many of these ridiculous stories/characters came right back to me (and also to Pops, who accurately remembered Jason as "that guy who always wears a black t-shirt" lol). BUT... as much as I love LnL2, once I started going down the rabbit hole of Liz scenes post-Lucky's alleged death (as you do), I could actually see the appeal of Liason (Liz + Jason). Gasp! My 13-year-old self would slap me right in the face for saying that. 

  • On Saturday night, I saw the fam (and Paulina, yay!), and my mom gave me an Easter gift. As soon as I peeked into the bag and saw this face, I squealed!! I love Pusheen naturally because, cats, and I guess my mom remembered that I had a Pusheen Christmas ornament because when she overheard someone mention Pusheen while looking at the plushies at the store, she sprang into action, haha!
  • Paulina stayed over on Saturday night, and we ended up listening to Russian folk music with Pops because that's normal.


  • Lastly, Facebook Memories reminded me that my first ever trip to Chicago with Timmi (to visit the law school she eventually went to) was this past week FIVE YEARS AGO. WAHHH. I decided to accompany her on a whim and had such a fantastic time. From seeing a matinee of Goon with six dudes while Timmi went to a school event, to getting lost in Water Tower Place, to pouncing on the Bean... truly the makings of a wonderful trip!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo