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That is the question

September 2017 budget


Well, it happened. I finally started to talk about my spending in therapy. Because I'm not happy with my financial situation, and not talking about it isn't helping, so why not? 

I've definitely shopped more in the past (like, all of 2015?), but it just feels different now. I want to be able to also save money and do bigger and better things than just go to Target. I need to get better at letting that impulsive "You totally need this!!1!" rationalization pass and focus instead on my bigger financial goals.

So that's a work in progress. 

I actually spent less this month than last month (🎉), and let's see what I got:

  1. Super Pure Serum (Glossier): $28
  2. Geometric ring (Baubles By Bets): $19
  3. LashSense with UnderSense (Lips that Last by Becky): $20
  4. Milky Jelly Cleanser (Glossier): $18

Not pictured:

  1. ShadowSense in Sandstone Pearl (Lips that Last by Becky): $22 - 10% off = $20
  2. Embrace High-Waist Laser-Cut Legging (Target): $35 on sale for $10 - gift card = $0
  3. Lipsense freebies! Fly Girl and Matte Gloss

TOTAL: $105

The Super Pure Serum has been underwhelming thus far. It just feels like water, and it doesn't seem to have had any effect on my skin (which is prone to redness, the problem Super Pure is supposed to target). With that said, I know that it's only been a few weeks, so I'm curious to see if it does anything going forward. 

I do, however, LOVE the Milky Jelly Cleanser, which feels lovely on the skin! This was actually a repurchase (bottle #2!). PS - If you want to try out Glossier, you can get 10% off your first purchase with my link!

I think geometric rings are so pretty, but I always seem to have a hard time finding them--or, at least, finding them in a small enough size (I'm a 4-5) and in rose gold (❤️). So discovering this ring on Etsy was a total win! It's exactly what I've been looking for!

I don't have much feedback on the LashSense + UnderSense because it only just came a few days ago! I've only tried the LashSense part so far and was impressed with how fully it coated my lashes in 1-2 coats. I had to rewatch one of Becky's videos to remember how to apply the UnderSense, though (😂), so I'll give that a whirl next time! The fact that you can get both products for $20, as opposed to paying $21 for Urban Decay's similar under-lash booster (which I've done in the past!) definitely intrigued me! Plus, LashSense comes in brown--hooray!

I'm actually going to exchange the Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense for Candlelight because I want to use it as a concealer, and the Sandstone Pearl was a bit too yellow for me.

The Target leggings are awesome. I have no idea why they were on the sale rack, since they are apparently full-price online, but hey! They are comfy with those snazzy on-trend cut-outs/mesh PLUS a pocket that can fit my iPhone 7!! (I'm so glad leggings with pockets are a thing that exists now, you don't even know. 🙌) Oh, and I only have like two pairs of leggings that are made out of a wicking material (it's not like I work out normally lol), hence picking up this pair, since I will be doing yoga regularly for at least the next seven months!

And lastly, two LipSense freebies that I had earned! Although other colors and glosses appealed to me, I wanted to go with classics that I wasn't sure I'd use enough to justify paying for. Enter Fly Girl and Matte Gloss!


Fly Girl legitimately terrifies me, but a red felt like a make-up bag essential. As did the Matte Gloss, which I had previously wished I'd had when I was using First Love more!