To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: September 22


Let's see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • So I started something new last Friday... yoga teacher training! Eek! You might recall that I don't love yoga and certainly don't have a consistent yoga practice, so this is a bit of a strange choice for me. But I have worked with one of the teachers for years and love her, and I figured that the structure would force me to stick with yoga instead of just taking a class every few months. Even though it's only been one weekend, I've already learned so much, especially about myself because I am not good at yoga, and I usually only do things that I feel good (or at least competent) at. Feeling like the "worst" one in a group and experiencing that vulnerability is really tough for me, so just going back each day has been a big accomplishment so far, instead of being one and done (or one and run!).
This is generally how I feel during yoga. 😂

This is generally how I feel during yoga. 😂


  • I stayed over at yoga teacher training last weekend so as to not have to drive back and forth every day, and it was like a wonderful mini vacation! On Saturday night, I did all of my favorite things: went to Target (where I found an awesome pair of leggings on sale for $10), stopped at Sheetz for some popcorn chicken (chicken nuggets and fries are 100% my guilty pleasure), came back to Netflix and chill by myself, and went to bed at 11. It was GREAT!
Don't look so surprised, cast of  Haven !

Don't look so surprised, cast of Haven!

  • I also found this iPhone case at Target, and I love it! So pretty, so purple--it's perfect for me! (Rose gold and purple?! It's like Compton and Long Beach together--now you know you're in trouble! If you're my wallet, that is! 💸)
  • For the past five years, I've seen therapists in Center City, which was a lot more convenient when I lived in South Philly or took Septa to work (which meant coming through the city every day). But since I started driving, the act of physically getting to therapy has been a giant pain in my ass. Besides the Paperboy nature of city driving in general, you also have to search for parking, which can cost up to $30 for ONE HOUR. ☹️ Considering my driving phobias, I didn't want to wuss out, but just how much do I have to make myself suffer? So this week, I finally asked my boss if he was okay with me switching my work from home day to Tuesdays so that I can see my therapist at a different office that's WAY WAY less annoying to drive to and always has free, non-parallel street parking. I have a hard time cutting myself some slack, as well as asking for things, so this was a major accomplishment on two counts. HOORAY!


  • Lastly, if you're a grammar nerd like me, you'll appreciate this Buzzfeed article. ("COMMA AS YOU ARE" OMG.) That comma cupcake makes my English major heart sing with joy.
I might have made cupcakes quoting a line from Faulkner before, so the person who made the comma cupcake is basically my soulmate. 

I might have made cupcakes quoting a line from Faulkner before, so the person who made the comma cupcake is basically my soulmate. 

  • Bonus because I'm OBSESSED with my dahlia! Look at how bright it is when it first blooms and then how the color fades so beautifully after a few days. 😍(As you might have gathered from Instagram, I take more pictures of this beauty every day haha.)

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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