To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: December 14


Last week was our Disney World trip, so of course that’s what brought the sparkle! 🤩

  • On our first day, we did Epcot on three hours sleep (thank you, 6 AM flight!), and we had quite a time, despite the delirium! We did Soarin’ (one of our fave rides at Disneyland) and Spaceship Earth (which was nice and tame 👌🏻) and visited the little country shops! (Japan was, once again, my fave, although I regret not getting Coffee Crisp in Canada when I had the chance! 😭)
  • On Saturday, we did the Magic Kingdom and met up with my friend Kristin, who just happened to be there with her fam at the same time! (I think finding out she would be there is what convinced Pops to schedule our trip when he did, haha!) We had DOLE WHIPS (!!) and took a nearly heart-attack-inducing ride on Big Thunder Mountain! (This used to be the only roller coaster I enjoyed, and now, it freaks me out too WAH. I was just repeatedly saying, “OH MY GOD” the whole time!)


My FAVORITE ride of the whole trip was Aladdin’s Magic Carpets! You just “fly” on your magic carpet at a reasonable speed, and you can control if/when it goes up and down. PERF. This is how psyched I was on our first magic carpet ride:

A whole new wooooorld! 

A whole new wooooorld! 

I also loved the teacups (although maybe not as much as Pops... 😂), and my beloved Jungle Cruise was the “Jingle Cruise” for the holidays! (A slow moving ride full of corny jokes?! Yes please!) 

  • On Sunday, it RAINED until like 3 PM (😮), so we hung out in our hotel room and chilled for awhile. I actually very much appreciated the chance to rest after such an exhausting few days! Plus, Father of the Bride (I and II!) happened to be on TV, so I was happy as a clam!


  • Once the rain stopped, we went back to Epcot because that was the park open the latest that day. This time around, we did the new Frozen ride, which was cute, and Soarin’ again, and got a giant pretzel in Germany! #yolo
  • Let’s end the post with this guy that Pops bought me in Japan! HOW. STINKIN’. CUTE. I think it’s a bear dressed up like a calico cat with another lil cat friend?!? 😍😭😍 How could I resist?!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo