To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: December 28


What a whirlwind week! Let’s see what brought the holiday sparkle:

  • I was off last Friday and did absolutely nothing for most of the day. WHAT A DELIGHT! But at night, I went into Philly and hung out with Russell. You might recall that he has a Sega, so we played a rousing round of Zombies Ate My Neighbors (!!) before settling on this visit’s weird historical documentary, The Russian Revolution! (Why are we insane?)
  • Also on Friday, this book arrived! It’s by Freddie Smith (Sonny on Days) and his fiancee Alyssa!

The intersection of soaps and self-help?! Sign me up! I pre-ordered it back in November and forgot that doing so meant I would get a signed copy! 😍 Also, I’ve chatted with Alyssa a few times via IG messages, and she is the sweetest!

  • CHRISTMAS! I was actually feeling super anxious leading up to it (and playing this aggressive Queen song on repeat to psych myself up!), but it turned out great! It was super low key, which is fine by me! 
Requisite post-Mass outfit pic 💯

Requisite post-Mass outfit pic 💯


Pops always gives very practical stocking stuffers, and this year was no exception, as you can see! I also got a few gift cards and a Queen magazine! 💃

  • I’ve been off all week and am having a grand old time! Ice skating, Kohl’s, and cookies, oh my! I also started watching The Pacific because, Joe Mazzello (❤️), and he literally cries one minute into his first appearance. Just like Will on Days (who Kristin and I say has “resting cry face”). Why do I always love actors that cry all the time?!


Hilariously, Jurassic Park had been on earlier in the day, so Joe was on a real emotional roller coaster!

At least he knows this is his calling card! 😂😂 

At least he knows this is his calling card! 😂😂 

  • Lastly, an ornament saga. This ornament (a snowshoeing alligator??) makes us go ??? every year.

Who is this guy?! Is he from a show? A movie? We can never remember. The only thing we thought we knew was that he came in a Burger King kid’s meal circa 1990. Russell is my toy expert, but even he was stumped (despite the fact that he apparently has a blue one WHAT ARE THE ODDS). So he posted about it on Reddit, and several hours later, we had our answer! (This is why the Internet exists, right?) This guy is apparently from a Roy Rogers kid’s meal and was featured in the show Gator Tales, a cartoon that only aired in the Midwest—hence why none of us could remember it! WHO KNEW? I think my parents were as excited as I was to finally put this mystery to rest, haha!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo