To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: February 23


Let's see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • On Friday, I had to take my car for an oil change, which turned into 50 other things (💸💸💸), BUT they changed my windshield wiper blades, and now I don't have to hear an obnoxious scraping sound every time I use them!! (Almost worth all the money flying away tbh.)


  • When I started having that "I'm going to jump out of my skin" feeling a few weeks ago, my one therapist suggested going for walks. Initially, I would just walk, barely aware of the scenery or people around me. This past Saturday, though, I felt like a different person on my walk--or more like my usual self, I guess. Instead of a walk, it was more of a "stop and take pictures of the trees, and the beautiful sunlight, and the Valentine's decorations at the park." (No cats, sadly!) And I went swinging! No one was at the park, and I felt like swinging, so I just went for it! Swinging into the sunlight while listening to M83 was such a pure, freeing moment of joy. And a good reminder that I do have these moments of joy and lightheartedness--that my whole life isn't just dissociating and sobbing in the bathroom (even though it can feel that way). And that those "bad" moments are just moments too. Fleeting moments. 💖
  • I finally saw Lady Bird over the weekend! I think my expectations for it were way too high, but it was still really, really good. I related hard to that Catholic school life. (Kilt checks! "The Prayer of St. Francis"! Ditching your date at prom!) I'm also smitten with Timothee Chalamet (despite him being a complete tool in Lady Bird) because he seems like a total awkward geek IRL. And he wore a purple velvet suit to some award show, so he's clearly living his best life. #PurpleIsANeutral
  • Speaking of purple, look at these gorgeous tulips at Whole Foods! I was totally willing to give them all a good home, haha.
  • I haven’t been super into the Olympics (in years past, I was very excitedly watching Ukraine play France in hockey so, yeah, not on that level this time!), but the ladies’ figure skating sucked me in. For no reason at all (except maybe because I know that broken foot life?), I became very emphatically Team Medvedeva in the past 48 hours. I loved her free skate and was bummed that she didn’t win the gold. Anyone else watching?


Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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