To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: March 2


Well, that week flew by! Let's see what brought the sparkle:

  • Last weekend was an interesting one! I feel like I spent it on a spectrum from Drunk April Kepner to Super Emotional April Kepner, which is obviously aspirational. 

On Friday night, I went to this dance/movement night at the studio where I'm doing yoga teacher training, and I was shocked by how easily I was able to let loose! It was such a wild and freeing experience! I was full-on Drunk Kepner (just completely sober), with a touch of the African Anteater Dance for good measure!

Future head of neuro nbd

Future head of neuro nbd

Then on Saturday and Sunday, I had yoga teacher training, hence becoming Super Emotional Kepner. I really love being with my fellow YTT gals, but constantly doing something that I'm not "good" at (like, say, yoga), and having to teach and be seen, pushes alllll of my buttons. I wish we could just hang out without the yoga, haha! 



  • I pulled this Goddess Card after the dance party: Isolt, goddess of undying love. I really hope that the healing I'm undergoing is swift and efficient! (Clearly, I need to heed the "be patient with yourself" note.)
  • Well, I'm watching 1998 General Hospital againso I must be getting back to normal! The beginning of this scene (before Luke, aka Major Buzzkill, shows up) speaks to me so profoundly. When Liz goes back to the place she was attacked and then is upset about breaking down in front of Lucky because "I just wanted to be able to give you a good progress report," I am like, GIRL YES. STORY OF MY LIFE. The non-linear aspects of healing drive me nuts, and I always want to be able to tell people I'm doing better. (I'm clearly already really good at being patient with myself! 😂) Buuut that's just not how it works. And Lucky's response to Liz here is so great: "You don't have to do anything for me. I mean, if you stay just the way you are this very second, it'd be more than fine by me." 😭😭😭  I know it's just a dumb soap opera, but it makes me feel less alone in my own struggles (while also giving me all the feels!).

When he reaches for her hand in the beginning OMG ❤️


  • My low-grade Olympic fever continued last weekend when I heard that GERMANY'S men's hockey team beat Canada to make it to the gold medal game! My bffl had previously alerted me to the fact that several of our former faves from the Sharks were playing for or coaching Team Germany, so I was totally on board! I didn't get to see the game, and Germany ended up losing to Russia anyway, but I'm still pumped that they won silver! I love me a random underdog!


  • I had Gilmore Girls on this week, and you know I struggle with GG, but it was Dean's-profession-of-love episode, and I know that that one features "Oh My Love" by John Lennon. What an exquisitely beautiful song. And with Nicky Hopkins on electric piano! I love finding out who the unsung session musicians on classic rock songs are, and Nicky Hopkins is one of my faves because he's on a million famous songs ("She's a Rainbow," "Getting in Tune," "Angie"...), and his piano playing is just so tender and beautiful. 
  • And a bonus SIXTH THING because Mica tagged me when she found this precious fella, and I want to encourage everyone to alert me to the presence of cats in their lives! 😃
I now call all grey tabbies "Dexter Purrington," thanks to  this guy !

I now call all grey tabbies "Dexter Purrington," thanks to this guy!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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