To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: June 15


What a week this has been! It started with a total kitchen renovation (that's still in progress) and ended with the U2 concert! Only one of those things brought the sparkle (😂)... so let's see what else did!


  • At dance night on Friday, I felt a real passion for the healing qualities of yoga and movement. I was also thinking of ways I could harness that with my newfound ability to teach, and then I pulled this card. OKAY UNIVERSE HI! 😂👋🏻


  • My new favorite show is Total Bellas on E! Does anyone else watch this?! I don't even know how this started (it’s not like I watch wrestling), although I did start following Nikki Bella on Instagram after she was on DWTS last fall. You guys, I am so sucked in. I am legitimately worried for Nikki and John's relationship, and I love Brie and Bryan. (I also really love that, on this show with two glamazons, Bryan’s just this crunchy granola dude who really loves his seed subscription box!)
  • Remember when I went on that retreat in January? Well, that’s where I met Garett (my first yoga student, you might recall!), and he has become a very dear friend in the last six months. Garett owns a cheese shop in Colorado and is donating a portion of the sales this weekend to the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Suicide has affected his life very differently than mine, but he was kind enough to include me in this initiative. Garett bravely shared about his experience with suicide on the store's Facebook page, so you can read more about it here. And if you're in the Littleton area, definitely stop by and support him! They also take orders over the phone. I did call the suicide hotline (or, rather, Kristin did, because she is a goddess) the night before I went inpatient back in 2013, so this initiative is near and dear to my heart. In light of the recent celebrity suicides, I’ve seen a lot of skepticism over the idea that suicide hotlines can actually help, but it really did help me. ❤️


  • U2! Pops and I had never seen them live before, so he was very gung-ho about seeing them on this tour. My interest in them has waned over the years, BUT I did used to love them—I even did my ninth grade research project on them in Mrs. Smith’s English class! 😂 The concert was sort of weird, not gonna lie. I mean, they sounded great, and I know they just did a whole Joshua Tree tour, but NO songs from that huge album?! Come on, throw us a bone here!
  • Lastly, in honor of Father's Day, I give you this golf headline from April because I still can't believe that I not only know who these people are, but that I also have ~feelings~ about this outcome. (When will Rickie Fowler when a major championship?!) That's the dad effect right there! 😂

Hope you have a great weekend! xo 

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