To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: June 22


Remember last week when I said we were getting our kitchen redone? Yeah, well now we're getting our bathroom redone too! 😂😩 So this week was obviously a doozy (complete with a toilet on the lawn)! Let's see what brought the sparkle:


  • I'm always in awe of the mountain views that I see from the highway when I'm in Reading. So after therapy and teaching yoga on Saturday, I decided to try to find a place with a good view. I literally pulled over, googled something like "mountain view Reading," and ended up at a scenic lookout point like ten minutes away! Can you believe how gorgeous this is?! 😍
  • I made some serious strides in my relationship with Brindle Pinky this week! She turned up meowing in our backyard on Friday night but hid from me, as per ush. I was able to slowly get closer and closer, with very low expectations, and she was climbing all over me in no time!! What is this life?! Just call me the cat whisperer!
  • I got a mini-psychic reading on Tuesday! You may recall that I am not a touchy/huggy person, so I nearly died when "Physical touch is important" was one of the cards she pulled! I could feel my whole energy change, it was really interesting. Maybe I'd be more down with physical touch if it came from a gentleman in a feathered cap?
  • Ok, this is a total General Hospital geek-out moment that no one will care about but me, but humor me. So back when I started watching GH in grad school (2009), I was really drawn into that brutal Kristina-Kiefer storyline and fell in love with Kristina/Lexi Ainsworth. I follow her on IG and saw some time ago that she was also in yoga teacher training. (Clearly, we're meant to be BFFs.) I don't know what possessed me to comment on an IG pic she posted yesterday in pigeon pose, but I did, and YOU GUYS SHE LIKED IT AND RESPONDED. WE'RE TOTALLY ON THE ROAD TO BFFHOOD NOW.
  • Lastly, I give you the aforementioned toilet on the lawn. And if you have a toilet on the lawn, you're going to want a sink to go with it, right?
stay classy ✌🏻

stay classy ✌🏻

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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