To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: August 31


Oh man guys, these last two weeks have been bananas! I'm sorry I bailed on H54F last week. Let’s see what put the sparkle into the past TWO weeks!

  • I did this super cool spiritual retreat on a whim last week! We learned a lot about energy healing (kind of like reiki but not) and even got to try it out on each other. Feeling the energy in my own hands was so wild and awesome. And as much as I struggle with meditation, I can see where it might be useful when I get lost in strong emotions... which happened last week, hence the break from H54F. I am always one to distract and avoid, but maybe if I let myself feel the feelings I run from, they won't come back and smite me later. One of the girls from the retreat (and YTT) is a real gem and has been helping to make meditation seem less scary, showing me how to access my breath when I'm super triggered and calm myself down.


  • Last Tuesday (8/28) was my birthday! It was not a very exciting day, as I just worked and went to therapy, BUT I did wear my "Introvert" shirt and even threw in the flower crown for one of the therapy appointments! And hearing from so many friends is always fun! ❤️
  • My real b-day celebration came once Timmi got to town! She is just the best. She always gets me to do the coolest things and is my co-pilot/DJ for life. ("How do you feel about Pitbull and Ke$ha?" “YES do it!”) Even though it was 1000 degrees, she braved Longwood Gardens with me on Wednesday because she is a true pal and flower devotee! I had no clue that Longwood had a dahlia garden, so that was a wonderful surprise! (Dahlias are my fave, and there were several purple varieties!!) I was literally walking around the dahlias singing "I'm So Excited"! #nochill
  • On Thursday, Timmi and I went ice skating, which was a hilarious adventure. I took ice skating lessons as a kid, so it came back to me pretty quickly and was so much fun! Except for dodging a million wild kids. 😬


  • We also went to two cool mystical shops and got crystals, and I got my aura picture and chakra picture taken! (Timmi had just recently done hers or else she would have been on board.) Purple was a big color for me, which may explain why I'm so drawn to it. 💜 And then we went back to Timmi's house and cuddled with her puppies, and watched Moonstruck, which I'd somehow never seen.

It was such a delightful two days! I have a hard time leaving the house when I’m alone, so I would not have done these things without Timmi. I had no idea there were so many cool things near my house! My emotions are still coming up and hijacking me at times, but not only am I eating and sleeping again (🙌🏻), the retreat and the time with Timmi have served as a sort of renewal and demonstration of what life can be beyond the bounds of my anxiety. ❤️


Hope you have a great long weekend! xo

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