To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: September 21


I think I’m finally on the mend, so let’s see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • I still wasn’t feeling great on Sunday, but after spending the morning watching old Days (a great series of scenes in which people are trying to steal evidence and naturally end up hiding in closets and the like), I managed to be productive! I went to Target and bought only what I came for (😱), I got my poor, filthy car washed, and I sorted through like two months of mail! Even though I was just doing dumb errands, the act of being productive and sort of “adulting” definitely helped me to feel better, at least anxiety-wise!
Seeing  The Baby-sitters Club  books at Target made me so happy! Yay that another generation will get to befriend these girls like I did!

Seeing The Baby-sitters Club books at Target made me so happy! Yay that another generation will get to befriend these girls like I did!

  • In case you were worried, I’m still having random encounters with soap actors on IG! 😂 On Tuesday, I woke up to see that Lilly Melgar (aka Sonny’s first wife Lily on GH) had followed me! She also liked a bunch of my pics, so we’re clearly BFFs now. I think she’s the first soap related person who’s followed me, so I’m moving on up! C’mon Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey! 🤞🏻🤞🏻 (Perhaps flowers and Elton John are not relevant to their interests? haha)
  • I’m also still having close encounters of the cat kind! On Tuesday night, I got a phone call from Pops when he pulled up at home: “There’s a white cat loafing around out here for you!” 

Oh, Snowball. (Which is not her actual name of course.) We think she lives with Cinnamon and Brindle Pinky, but she’s been turning up in our driveway lately, for some reason. This was my first interaction with her, and she did eventually come over and rub on me for like .5 seconds before I somehow spooked her and sent her running. 😭


  • Darren Criss won an Emmy! I couldn’t actually watch more than one episode of the Gianni Versace mini-series because it freaked me out too much, but he was so good in the pilot. Did I ever mention that I went to a concert of his back in 2013 and it was hilariously terrifying? Yeah, I was supposed to meet my roommate there, but coming late meant that I had to shove my way through a crowd of furious teens! They would literally block my way and yell at me! Like, I get that it’s annoying to have someone show up late and try to get near the stage, but I was at work! I’m sorry, kids! I just kept apologizing profusely the whole time and then finally found Deena, thank god! 


  • Lastly, this song has been in heavy rotation since last week because I apparently want it to be freshman year of college again! (And I didn’t even love this song back then! 😂) It’s just hitting me in the feels right now.

Oh, and I shared what I bought in August on Monday—lots of stuff from Target! Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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