To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: September 28


Happy Friday! Let’s see what brought the sparkle this week:

  • On Friday night, I stopped by the mall near work to look for a dress and/or shoes for an upcoming wedding. Naturally, I came home with a blouse and two pairs of shorts! I’d only been looking for shorts all summer. 🙄 At least they were $9 total, holla! On my drive home, I had a grand ol’ time belting out Dua Lipa’s “Blow Your Mind” — it was legitimately cathartic to be so sassy! 💃


  • On Saturday, I got a long overdue haircut! I’ve been getting Deva Cuts for a few years now, and they work really well for my super thick, wavy hair. I love how it turned out! The stylist also gave me some ideas for idiot-proof wedding hair styles, which I definitely need. If you have any suggestions, let ya girl know!
  • Afterwards, I hung out with one of my grad school friends who I feel like I’ve known for ten lifetimes. Our friendship has evolved in such wild ways since he showed up in Postmodernism class in 2010! Anyway, he was very supportive and helpful when I was a mess last month, so I wanted to treat him to “Thanks for listening to my bullshit” ice cream. 😂 After that, we partied like it was 1993 and played some awesome Sega Genesis games!
I still can’t get past the Cave of Wonders 😭

I still can’t get past the Cave of Wonders 😭

  • After skipping my usual yoga class two Sundays ago because I was coughing uncontrollably, I went back this week and was shocked by how tight my muscles were! I mean, I’m not a flexible person (like at all), but yikes, I didn’t realize what a difference just missing a week would make! I was also happy to be back because I love this class—it’s Trauma-Sensitive, which is my fave type (no touching ftw!), and it’s so gentle that I can do a lot of it with my eyes closed, which helps me to kind of forget about the outside world and tune into myself.


  • Lastly, I’m still powering through the original WilSon storyline on Days, and this moment made me giggle:

I was like, Why the heck does Will have this random Band-Aid on his stomach? Oh that’s right, he was just shot like five minutes ago. The medical care in Salem is clearly top-notch. 😂 God love ya soaps, never change.  ❤️

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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