To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: January 18


Happy Friday! What brought the sparkle this week?

  • Let’s start with the ten-year challenge!

Yep, this is me in 2009, back when I was a senior in college. I pretty much lived and breathed Victorian lit—oh, and hockey, obviously! I had just applied to grad school and had no clue what I was going to do with my life. Ten years later, not much has changed!! 😂 I think I look basically the same today, except RIP headbands (god, I loved ya). My “glow up,” so to speak, is mostly from finally embracing mascara! 😂


  • In honor of my college self, here’s a song that I played about 8,000 times back then! I actually rediscovered it last week and was like, “This! is! so! cute!” and have, once again, been playing it nonstop. I love Wings, I love the Fender Rhodes, and I love adorable lyrics, so it really checks all of my boxes, haha!
  • On Saturday night, I visited Kristin and Sharkey, until the first snowflakes started falling, and then I was out of there like the Road Runner! At least I got some quality cat time in!
  • For all the inquiring minds that want to know (okay, just Tif and Becky), an update on last week’s fanny pack saga! I did NOT end up getting one. Kristin got the pink one that I have on in the picture below. I did see a cute one (that I can’t seem to find on Nordstrom Rack’s site) on our way out, but I have not crossed over to the land of fanny pack ownership (…yet)!
  • Lastly, like I need an excuse to swoon over Joe Mazzello (in a maroon velvet jacket, no less!), BUT this is something that other people might actually appreciate: a little Jurassic Park reunion with him and Laura Dern at the Critics’ Choice Awards! How adorable! Bonus: a swooning Rami!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo