To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: January 11


Happy Friday! The week was pretty dull (even for me 😂), but luckily, the weekend brought some sparkle!

  • On Friday, I met up with Alana again (two weeks in a row?! 🎉) to go to a new moon meditation at the Prana House (one of the cool mystical places Timmi and I had gone to back in August). It was a great way to slow down and start the weekend, and the year, in a more mindful place.

  • On Saturday, Pops was out, so I lived it up—by finishing The Pacific and painting my nails! I picked the Essie color After School Boy Blazer, which I hadn’t used in ages. As much as I love sparkle, I really enjoy that this color is a very flat navy. It makes me feel so edgy and bad-ass! 💃😂
  • On Sunday, Kristin and I went shopping… for fanny packs. One fanny pack was in fact purchased, ridiculous pictures were taken, and we’ll never speak of this again! 😬
Fashun✌🏻 Also, my hair is 💯.

Fashun✌🏻 Also, my hair is 💯.

  • Once I got home on Sunday night, I geared up for the Golden Globes, which I think made me the only person in Philly not watching the Iggles, whoops. (Considering how stressful that game was, though, I definitely didn’t need to be watching!) I only knew the end result when this hilariousness ensued:
  • And then the Golden Globes. HOLY MOLY.  Let’s review: I’ve seen Bohemian Rhapsody (an embarrassing) four times and am lowkey (okay, highkey) obsessed. I thought Rami maybe had an outside chance of winning Best Actor, so I was pleasantly surprised when that happened, but then THE MOVIE WON like five seconds later, and I was shocked. Like, what the what? What about A Star Is Born? Wasn’t that getting all the hullabaloo? But whatever, cue “We Are the Champions”! Bonus that there was a cast reunion for the occasion, and we all know that I love those boys (and their ridiculous, lovey-dovey posts)!
This is so adorable, and also, Lucy Boynton is gorgeous. Like, DAMN GIRL.

This is so adorable, and also, Lucy Boynton is gorgeous. Like, DAMN GIRL.


Hope you have a great weekend! xo