To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: February 1


Happy Friday! I hope y’all are keeping warm! Here’s what brought the sparkle this week: 

  • I taught yoga on Saturday and because I knew it would be in the yurt (and thus chilly), I wore my leg warmers. Not only was I super fashionable (😂), but they did in fact keep my legs warm! What a fine investment (...of like $3 at H&M a million years ago!)!
Anna socks on fleek ✌🏻 

Anna socks on fleek ✌🏻 

  • After yoga, I stopped at Target and picked up these cute things! I love Valentine’s decor in general (pink! purple! sparkles! hearts!), and these little lights have brought a bit of cheer to our living room!

After I got home, Kristin came over and brought me (DELICIOUS) cookies and we semi-watched Bohemian Rhapsody on mute, so it was just your normal Saturday night!


  • I planned to get a bunch of stuff done on Sunday because I’d been gone most of Saturday, buuut then I ended not getting much sleep and feeling anxious and nauseous when I woke up. So productivity went out the window and I turned to Netflix! I had seen good reviews of the show Sex Education, so I ended up watching three episodes of it. It is rather risqué, like there’s nudity in the first two minutes, but it’s also quite funny and sweet, with some very likable characters. I love YA stuff, so following the misadventures of high schoolers is right in my wheelhouse.


  • I’ve really been feeling Carole King and James Taylor as a soundtrack this past week. They’re just so good! Have you listened to “You’ve Got a Friend” recently?! It’s so pretty, the harmonies are 💯, and the sentiment is so sweet!
  • Lastly, I saw this picture this week, and it’s basically a visual representation of my friendship with Timmi! Our interests don’t always overlap, but we’re always super supportive and enthusiastic about what the other is doing/into. GET YOU A FRIEND LIKE THIS. It’s the best!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo