To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

January 2019 Budget


Not too many purchases to report in January! (Not something I’ll be able to say about February... and we’re only one week in! 😬)

  1. Nobel Earrings Set in rose gold (GLDN):  $45 ($41 + shipping cost)

  2. Knox Rose Waffle Knit Open Cardigan (Target): $28 on sale for $15 - gift card = $0

TOTAL: $45

I actually bought the cardigan in December and convinced myself that I was going to return it... that is, until I tried it on again and whoops, I remembered why I bought it in the first place! I don’t have any longer sweaters like this, and it’s not so long that my petite frame is drowning in it—a RARITY! 🎉 Oh, and I got it in a pretty plum color, not the pink pictured.

I tend to get on a roll with earrings and then wear them every day for, oh, like a year or two. But I guess I caught the “new year, new you” bug re: earrings this year! 😂 I wanted something simple but a little bit different than the conventional stud. Enter these open circle earrings from GLDN! I didn’t necessarily need them in three different sizes, but the set was the only option for this style of earring, so c’est la vie. It has sort of worked out, though, because I immediately gravitated toward the middle size, but then swapped them for the smallest ones, and I like how they look a lot more!

Did you get anything exciting in January?