To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: February 15


Let’s see what brought the sparkle this week!

  • Tapestry has been a big mood. “Home Again”? Such a sweet gem. “It’s Too Late”? Surprisingly effective at scaring off the crickets in our basement. And don’t even get me started on Telemachus, that iconic tabby on the album cover!
  • Does anyone else have a lot of feelings about the Opportunity Rover?! POOR OPPY 😭😭. I had read an article last year about how NASA was using music to try to wake Oppy up and didn’t realize that it had never responded. Or that its last message was THE SADDEST EVER. 😭💔😭
credit: Becca Farrow @rfarrowster on Twitter

credit: Becca Farrow @rfarrowster on Twitter

  • On Tuesday, I had to drive to therapy in the snow/slush/ice and was basically clutching the steering wheel the entire time. When I finally (safely, thank god) made it home, an Amazon package was waiting for me. I was like meh whatever, thinking it was just the (obviously super cool) retainer container I had ordered on Sunday. Instead, it was THIS:

A present from my bffl! What a sweet surprise! I’ve only been bugging her about Bohemian Rhapsody since November (and she still hasn’t seen it lol). It definitely brightened up an otherwise stressful day!

  • On the topic of BoRhap, Ben Hardy posted this video of Joe Mazzello dancing after the BAFTAs, and his dorky dance moves have been giving me life? 

  • Lastly, here is something that is so incredibly dumb but just cracks me up. (Can you tell it’s been a slow week?):

The phrase “rocking my fave salamander fur” accompanied by that ridiculous dancing gif just kills me every time. (So when I saw said video of Joe Mazzello dancing, my immediate reaction was ROCK THAT SALAMANDER FUR, BAE, like any sane person.)


Hope you have a great weekend! xo