To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: May 17


TGIF! Let’s see what brought the sparkle! ✨

  • On Friday night, Russell (Inspector Gadget) came over to jam with Pops (they both play guitar), and I got roped into the action! Who cares that I can barely hold the ol’ emergency bass, let alone play it! 😂🤟🏻 But we all played a song of Russell’s together, and I actually contributed a few notes! What a delight! It seems like you don’t have to do a lot to add something with the bass… which is perfect when you have no idea what you’re doing! 😂
  • I addressed the “ergonomics” part of my wrist issue with some cute desk accessories from Amazon! (Definitely cheaper than X-rays and physical therapy!)
Ergonomics, but make it fashion:  Wrist support and mouse pad  (“Crystal-2”) |  Wireless mouse

Ergonomics, but make it fashion: Wrist support and mouse pad (“Crystal-2”) | Wireless mouse

wrist support  (“floral leaves”)

wrist support (“floral leaves”)

And what do you know—MY WRIST DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE! It’s almost like my doctor knows what she’s talking about! 😂😂 These changes + avoiding weight-bearing yoga poses seem to have been the key, just like she said!

  • On Monday night, I came home to an empty house and took full advantage, watching old Days in my comfy cat pjs! (I’ve finally resumed the original WilSon storyline… and already, multiple people have been kidnapped and held at gunpoint! Aka a normal day in Salem.)
HI WILL. #restingcryface

HI WILL. #restingcryface

  • Speaking of Days, even though I barely know Ciara as a character, I follow Victoria Konefal on IG, and she posted this total gem this week:

I tend to choose numbness, so when I do feel, it’s often overwhelming, and I’m not always sure where the feelings are coming from. Hence finding this little chart helpful! Knowing my assorted inner children definitely helps with this too. When I’m feeling something that doesn’t necessarily make sense to the 32-year-old me, I can usually trace it back to an inner child who’s scared or not getting her needs met. Which is pretty darn cool to discover, honestly. 💖

  • Lastly, who’s suffering through watching Game of Thrones with me? UGH, SUNDAY’S EPISODE. I have no problem with that turn of events, but it could have been 1000x better. Ever since GoT moved past the books, it’s felt maddeningly plot-driven to me. ANYWAY, if you too are struggling with season 8, you might enjoy this GENIUS retooling of Sunday’s ep as an ‘80s movie. Actually, if you’ve never watched GoT but don’t mind some spoilers (that you’ve probably already heard anyway), you might also enjoy this because it’s set to “Love Is a Battlefield” and features tons of ridiculously longing looks. 💯

Hope you have a great weekend! xo