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June 2019 Budget


How is 2019 HALF OVER already?! My goodness.

Well, let’s see what I picked up in June!

  1. Earth Tones Clay Mask (Asarai): $37 (includes discount and shipping)

  2. Nike H86 Futura Classic Baseball Hat (Urban Outfitters): $18

  3. Gourmand Le Gloss Superfruit Lip Gloss (Urban Outfitters): $8

  4. Virgo Zodiac Sign Constellation Pendant Necklace (Lucky Feather): $20

Not pictured:

  1. Amelie Enamel Clip Set (Urban Outfitters): $10

  2. Ohii Lip Jelly (Urban Outfitters): $8

  3. Ultrabland Cleansing Cream (Lush): $20

TOTAL: $121

The Asarai mask marks the first time I succumbed to the targeted ads on Instagram. *sad trombone for me* I mean, it’s a mask that’s supposed to magically cure my redness, HOW COULD I RESIST?!?! Buuut naturally, that hasn’t happened, and this mask is sooo annoying to take off because it basically stains your face orangey-red? (Maybe it heals your redness by turning you a different shade of red?) On the plus side, it has effectively zapped a few zits-in-progress that I had!

I couldn’t even tell you the last time I was at Urban Outfitters, but I went HAM there this month! (I also picked up a few things that I don’t typically count in my clothes/beauty budget posts, like this purple tie-dyed bra and my accidental ashtray!) Although I liked the Ohii gloss originally, I’m pretty meh on both lip glosses now. They feel a bit filmy and as such have not unseated my beloved Frank Body Lip Tint. And a baseball hat is def off-brand for me, but hear me out: I always seem to be looking for a cute baseball hat when I’m already away on vacation, and then I can’t find anything I like. So I POUNCED when I spotted a relatively plain hat in a gorgeous mauvey-lavender!

Lastly, I’m liking both Ultrabland and Let the Good Times Roll (which, you may recall, I got a sample of). I think they work nicely in tandem because using more than the tiniest dab of Ultrabland can be a bit greasy for summertime, while Let the Good Times Roll is exfoliating and makes your face smell like cornbread (which I am apparently into nbd).

Oh, I might have ended the month with an accidental Ulta haul (🤦🏼‍♀️), which will be counted in July in case I return anything!

What did you buy this month?