To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: June 7


Let’s see what brought the sparkle this week!

  • Last Friday marked THREE YEARS with my lil’ babydoll car! (Can you even believeeee?! Especially if you’ve been around since the exposure therapy days!) And on Saturday, I drove to my second state ever: Delaware! HOW EXCITING, RIGHT?! 😂😂 Okay, yes, Delaware really isn’t far at all (this trip was like 50 minutes total), but there’s something about the idea of driving to a DIFFERENT STATE that feels very momentous, haha. Bonus that we were going to a grad party, so I got to be all dolled up! (Although this dress obviously qualifies as Secret Pajamas™️ because you know that’s how I roll.)

I would link to my dress and sandals, but they are both sooo old! Like, from 2013 and 2015 respectively!

I would link to my dress and sandals, but they are both sooo old! Like, from 2013 and 2015 respectively!

  • On Sunday, I had a bit of a “treat yo self” trip to Lush! Timmi and I stopped there when I was in Chicago, and I picked up the Sleepy Face cleansing bar, which I really like. But it’s a pretty small bar, so I wanted to see what else Lush had to offer. Enter Ultrabland and (a sample of) Let the Good Times Roll!


Ultrabland is a cleansing cream, so it feels very luxurious and is also really moisturizing… like, to the point that I don’t have use a separate moisturizer. Anything that allows me to be lazy is 💯. Let the Good Times Roll is a bit odd—it has a Play-Doh-like consistency until you mix it with water. But it smells amazing (kind of like cake?!), and it’s exfoliating, so I like the idea of using it intermittently. And they gave me quite a generous sample, so thanks, ladies of Lush!

  • Oh yeah, another car breakthrough: I went to the car wash on Tuesday after putting it off for months! 👏🏻 Does the car wash give anyone else anxiety? I mean, there’s usually a crowd, and you have to squeeze your car into the line, and people are yelling at you and telling you where to go, and ultimately I JUST FEEL OUT OF CONTROL AND I DON’T LIKE IT. But I survived! Pro tip: Go on a Tuesday at noon!

  • Buckle up for a musical geek-out moment! You might not know Nicky Hopkins by name, but you probably know his gorgeous piano-playing on songs like “Angie,” “She’s a Rainbow,” and “You Are So Beautiful.” I am a total nerd who loves finding out which session musicians played on songs, and Nicky is my fave of faves. So I’m currently reading this book!


I could never quite understand why Nicky, with his immense talent, was only a session man. I had heard he’d had health issues (possibly Crohn’s Disease, which was a definite YOKES back in the ‘60s), but the book has put it all into perspective: when Nicky was 19, his health issues landed him in the hospital, were he was bedridden for almost TWO YEARS! He had 14 surgeries in that time! Like, Keith Richards was amazed he even survived… KEITH RICHARDS!! (And how is he still alive?!) Uh yeah, now I can see why being a session musician and not traveling with a band would have been super ideal!


  • Lastly, here’s the Positively Present illustration I picked for my phone background this month:

I seriously love how her images are always so bright and cheery! It’s almost enough to make the idea of change palatable! 😂😂

Hope you have a great weekend! xo