To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: June 14


Let’s see what brought the sparkle this week!

  • On Saturday, I had a long overdue haircut (which you got a play-by-play of if you follow me on IG!)! I swear I got some length taken off! 😂 It takes a good hour of sitting under the dryer to get my hair... somewhat dry (#thickhairprobs), but I really relish the time to chill and read trashy magazines! My hairstylist asked me what kind of magazines I’d like to read, and I was like, “The dumber, the better!” 😂👍🏻
New hair, who dis?

New hair, who dis?

  • I also went on an accidental shopping spree! 😬 There’s just too many good stores near the salon!

Okay, the face mask was actually something I ordered two weeks ago, but it arrived last  Friday, so yolo. And I definitely didn’t realize that what I thought was a little trinket dish was actually an ashtray! Oops! But it’s super cute and obviously on brand with my moon-and-stars obsession, so, perfect! It makes a fine ring dish, I must say!


Other initial reactions: The cute Empress sticker went right on my laptop, I love the simplicity of the little Virgo medallion, and the Ohaii lip gloss is pretty thick and great!

  • I saw some other fun sign-related thangs that I miraculously didn’t buy! I’m a Virgo, duh, and Timmi is an Aries. Apparently, those two signs are totally incompatible, but STARS BE DAMNED—we’ve been going strong since 2001, baby! 👯‍♀️
Okay, but Timmi only does ride shotgun tho….

Okay, but Timmi only does ride shotgun tho….



  • On Sunday, I hung out at Kristin’s and was the fifth wheel for dinner (since her parents and bf were there too). When I said that, though, Kristin’s mom—sweet angel that she is—replied, “Oh, you’re family!” just very matter-of-factly! I could have cried! How adorable! I do regularly beat Kristin and her bf’s ears about Nicky Hopkins, and what is family for if not to semi-tolerate your weird interests?! 😂😂

  • Lastly, this quote got through to me more than encouragement about being positive seems to. All the bright colors probably helped too!
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Hope you have a great weekend! xo