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November 2016 Budget


Well, this is a first... I only bought ONE clothing or accessory item this month! WOW. That would have been unfathomable a year ago! (Last November, I spent $173, so yeahhh.) I think I bought so little this month because I stayed out of stores and didn't do much online browsing. I seem to be most responsible when I don't tempt myself in any way. (In that regard, not having to kill time while waiting for Septa has definitely helped. Going into a store puts me 50% closer to buying something than if I didn't go into that store, you know?) Having to spend money on more responsible things this month (like Christmas gifts and a dentist appointment) also kept me in line! (Ugh, adulting.) ANYWAY, here's the one thing I got this month:

  1. Rose Gold Fidget Ring (Etsy): $25

TOTAL: $25

I had been wanting this ring for awhile and finally committed in November! Not only is it pretty, but it's also like a wearable coping skill, since I tend to fidget with my hands when I'm anxious. The artisan (LoveDawne) has a bunch of different styles of fidget rings to choose from and is very nice to work with! (I had seen this ring on her page awhile ago and was super disappointed that it was no longer available when I finally went to buy. Fortunately, she was happy to make me one when I inquired about it!)

Full disclosure: I did also pay for a LipSense Lip Balm in November, but it's still not in stock, so I'm not counting it in my budget until it arrives. (It's just easiest to count things once I get them or commit to keeping them.)

So what did you get this month? Any great Black Friday deals I can vicariously live through? :)

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