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That is the question

February goals


Well, I'm glad February is here because January was such a weird/emotional month for me! Let's try 2016 again, shall we? ;)

  1.  Self-explanatory. #adulting
  2. I've kept a gratitude log on and off (mostly off) for the past few years, but I want to try to get back into it this month, as way to combat depression. Thank you Ashley for the suggestion! :) 
  3. Putting shopping money into a separate account and also trying to be more mindful of my shopping in general.
  4. I really noticed last month how much I do things for no other reason than obsessive/perfectionistic/anxious feelings. So I'm going to pay more attention to them and try to avoid just mindlessly following them this month.
  5. Recent posts by Mattie and Xin reminded me that I need to get back on track with paying more on my student loans. Unless I want to pay them for years and years and years. *insert screaming emoji here*


Now, considering how unmotivated I was in January, my goals should have been a disaster, right? WRONG!!

  1. Transfer my shopping budget money to its own checking account: CHECK! I didn't do it all month, but I did transfer some shopping money to its own account, and as I said in my Budget post, it really changed my perspective on impulse spending.
  2. Check bank account daily: ALMOST CHECK! Ok maybe not daily, but I did check it way more than I normally would have!
  3. Look into affiliate links for the blog: CHECK! I was so overwhelmed thinking about this... annnnd setting it up with ShopStyle literally took 5 minutes. And I've already made 30 cents! #VIP #drinksonme
  4. Take clothes to consignment shops: CHECK! And literally at the last minute too, haha. My usual consignment shop of choice was running a special where you make 50% on consignments in January, so I got my act together and went last Saturday (1/30). Better late than never!!
  5. Get up early on work days and do a little something fun: SORT OF CHECK! Again, like the bank account one, I did this a lot but not all the time.

What are you guys hoping to get done or try this month?

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