To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

Let the sunshine in


(My dad was telling me that it's the age of Aquarius again? "You mean, the moon is in the seventh house? And Jupiter aligns with Mars?!" All I know about the Age of Aquarius, I learned from the 5th Dimension #preach. And I have no idea where Pops heard this/if it is actually the age of Aquarius. My astrological knowledge consists of googling "Is Mercury in retrograde?" whenever my life is weird, lol.)

Wow, it's been awhile since I've done an OOTD post--my last one was before Christmas! Yikes! I sure was productive back then.

Considering I'm consistently more depressed in the winter months, I've begun to think that I suffer from SAD, at least on some level. February has been better than January, but I've still been really unmotivated. Enter sunshine and 60 degree weather this past weekend, though, and I was practically doing cartwheels! (I now realize that this was a prime opportunity to dance joyously to "Let the Sunshine In" ala The 40 Year Old Virgin, rats.) I got so much done! I took outfit pics, and bugged the neighborhood cats, and went to both yoga AND Trader Joe's (and I am legit scared of the latter because it's always insanely packed)!

Here are said outfit pics, wherein I revel in the warm weather and chase the light around my backyard!


Sweater: Old Navy (2015) 

Jeans: Target (2015) 

Shoes: Toms (2015)

Necklace: Target (2015; sold out) 

Watch: Target (2015) 

Nail polish: Essie, "Splash of Grenadine" (one of my all-time faves!)


I love the color of these pants--such a subtle pop of color. (They're actually light green, in case they read grey.) And the sweater is pretty lightweight, so it was perfect for such a balmy day. Plus, it has that cute back detail! Did you ever notice how hard it is to look cute while taking a picture of your back? Well, spoiler: it is! Sexy back is hard to come by, believe me. I guess that's why JT was so deadset on finding and restoring it. ;)

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