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May 2016 Budget


I must say, shopping was barely on my radar this month, what with everything else that has been going on. I did want to shop a few times, to cheer myself up, but something (maturity? terror?) stopped me. I'm on the verge of making a big purchase, so I've actually been SAVING MONEY (!!), and I'm super scared I'm going to blow it now, at the eleventh hour. Or that I'll be juuuust short of the total I need because of some stupid impulse purchases. Eek. So nearly every time I considered buying something, I was able to talk myself out of it. (Thanks, maturity/fear!) As a result, only three little treats came home with me this month:

  1. Marfa Double-Crossed Midi Ring (Francesca's): $12 on sale for $10
  2. Beyond Alice in Glow Lip Oil Tint (Amazon): $17
  3. Sierra Claw Ring (Francesca's): $12 on sale for $10

Total: $37

What the what?! I'm even shocked by that total, and I'm the one who spent it! Spending in the double-digits was positively unfathomable just a few months ago--and certainly this time last year, when I dropped $375 shopping in the month of May. Double eek.

Moving on to this month's purchases... Francesca's is right by the podiatrist, so clearly, stopping in there was a necessity! Rings are probably my favorite accessory, but I have tiny baby fingers (size 4-5), which is a blessing (less rings to buy!) and a curse (less rings to buy!), as most places only stock sizes 6, 7, and 8. Thank god for midi rings, which I can often wear as legit rings! I love a cool, architectural ring like the Marfa Double-Crossed Ring, and I might have even contemplated getting it before. This time, I could not resist! And I totally loved the Sierra Claw Ring (which is not as hideous as that name and the above pic make it seem), but was skeptical when I didn't see a size on it. Turns out it's ADJUSTABLE!! *confetti horn emoji*

Strangely, the Francesca's rings are not available online, even though I literally just bought them in-store last Thursday. So all is not lost if you live near a Francesca's. And look! The "claw" ring is actually super dainty and cute!

LOVE. And it goes so well with my high school ring too! :)

LOVE. And it goes so well with my high school ring too! :)

As for the lip oil, sigh. I had been scoping out the most boring options on Colourpop's site (because I've been wanting to try their stuff for months), but I'm not a lipstick/bright color/matte kind of girl. So when I saw F*** Yeah Korean Cosmetics raving about the Beyond lip oil on Instagram, I decided to give it a shot. (It had been awhile since I'd gotten a new Korean beauty product to play with!) While the lip oil looked pretty subtle on F Yeah Korean Cosmetics girl, it's super pink on me! Like pinky pink pink! It is somewhat sheer, but for someone who is a nude or MLBB lip product gal, it's a bit much. So I'm not quite sure how I feel about it... :-/ 

What did you guys get this month?? 

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