To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: May 13


The start of this H54F post is going to be a bit of a buzzkill because I've been avoiding talking about some important things that are happening right now. Sort of problematic for this blog that's, you know, about my life. So here's an update:

B and I broke up. Sigh. Things were/are amicable, but obviously, this is a huge change, and a really sad one. I haven't been super motivated to post or do much of anything for the past few weeks, so that's why I've been sort of MIA. 

And then, on top of that, I started having problems with my right foot, for no apparent reason. I actually spent the past week in a soft cast and had to get an MRI on Tuesday. In 2014, I had a stress fracture in the same foot, so it's not an unfamiliar situation. It's just frustrating and scary to know something is wrong but not know what it is. Having a bum foot is also not great for my anxiety and sadness, since I deal with emotions by keeping busy! So poor timing all around.

But here I am. I'm still doing things, still going through my days, and still not contemplating suicide, which is always a relief to me, since things like depression and suicidal thoughts can always come back. I'm just trying to keep in mind that a few things in my life suck right now, but they will get better eventually. And there have been bright spots, which is why I keep up the H54F posts, even when I'm feeling meh. 

Now let's get on to some sparkle!

  • My MRI came back clean, no breaks or tears!! *confetti horn emoji* My doctor suspects that my foot issue is just an irritated ligament. So now I'm rocking a shorter version of this soft cast (still in purple of course!) for another week.
Thank god I painted my toenails like three days before this appointment!

Thank god I painted my toenails like three days before this appointment!

  • My friends Laura and Deena (cat-mom to Sasha!) visited me last weekend, and with cupcakes no less! We had been trying to get together for awhile, but with a cast cramping my style, they just came over to my house and hung out. It was great to catch up, and to have some company while elevating my foot!


  • On Mother's Day, I wound up watching a bunch of Carpool Karaoke videos with my parents! I don't know why I never watched Carpool Karaoke until like two weeks ago--it's SO GOOD. I really like James Corden and just want to be bffs with him and everyone he gets to hang out with--they all look like they're having such a great time, and their synchronized car dancing is always on fleek. The Chris Martin one just killed me (his Mick Jagger impersonation omg).
  • I've been watching Veronica Mars on and off since the fall, and now I'm back on again and nearly done season 1. It's getting so good. (Not that it wasn't before, but things are really ramping up now!) But you know what's more exciting than watching Veronica Mars? Watching Veronica Mars with this IMDb "X-Ray" feature on Amazon Instant Video!
Oh Schmidt (sans kimono). 

Oh Schmidt (sans kimono). 

I'm someone who can't get through a show or movie without saying, "Wait, he looks familiar..." and having to get right on IMDb, so this is pretty much a dream come true. It even explains the show's references! How cool is that?! Technology, man.

Theo Rossi was actually in an episode of  Grey's  (which is usually the reason an actor looks familiar to me, lol)!

Theo Rossi was actually in an episode of Grey's (which is usually the reason an actor looks familiar to me, lol)!

  • Lastly, I give you the cutest article title ever: "Sharks cat Jo Paw-velski gets two linemates"! Squee!! Yes, Jo is now sharing her Sharks be-decked pen at the Humane Society with two kitten roomies. I've been watching her Live Cam, and it's sooo precious. <3


So acording to Facebook Memories, I've been doing H54F posts for a whole YEAR! I think I've only I've only missed linking up once (aside from Christmas week when there was no link-up), which means I've written 50 of these posts?! BANANAS. Thank you Katie, Tif, and Della for hosting such a fun link-up and for making me feel so included right from May 8, 2015! :) Have a great weekend, everybody! xo